My Take on the Icebucket Challange: Do They Really Know ALS?

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Yes, it's still trending worldwide. Here in the Philippines, you can actually watch it done live in local television because celebrities challenge one after the other. I'm really happy to see people being aware of this really grave disease. I first encountered ALS when I read the book "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom. It was an eye opener for me about life and death. Morrie taught me how to let go of things that's causing you pain and be thankful that it happened and taught you a lesson. I literally teared in between that I need to pause for a while to calm myself down. There's also a movie adaption produced by Jennifer Ogden released December 5, 1999. I also have the chance to study the disease because of my course back in college.

The disease is really cruel in nature because it's something that can't be cured with medicine and what's already been lost is already lost. It is like you'll be locked in a cage until your dying day. In the later course of the disease, even the ability to breath will be taken away from you. There will be a time that a few facial muscles are left for you to control. It is really hard and without care and assistance from other people you'll be helpless because you can't even move on your own. 

So having this ALS Icebucket Challenge will really help research on how to end this dreadful disease.  

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