My time and my grand mother time!

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During the time, improvement in science and technology made our life more comfortable in compare with when our grandparents were child.

When my grandparents were child, they lived in small village. They had to get up early mornings and went to farms to work hard of fields. They had to work with other family members to provide their winter foods and they had to work from morning up to evening every day. All this just for obtaining simple food! In other hand, their social life also was so hard. They did not have many facilities. For example if they wanted to travel from their village to nearest city, they had to walk hours and hours to get there. Another example of their hard life is if someone got sick, it was very hard to finding a doctor to cure it. Lots of people died from simple disease!

In compare with that time our life is much easier and more comfortable. In today’s life you cannot find many children that have to work to survive. Most of children go to school and play with their friends in their free time. One person working salary is most of the time enough to cover other family member‘s expenses. Traveling between cities and countries is much easier. You have cars, trains and plans to travel around the world. Also you do not need meet people in person for communication. You can use internet, phone and mail to communicate them rather than meeting them in person. Another important change in our life from our grandparent’s time is health system. Most of most of disease’s cure founded. Now, you can find vaccination for diseases that thousands of people had died from them. All of this improvement and more happened during the time.

Improvement in science and technology made our life more comfortable and easier that our grandparent childhood period. These improvements brought changes in transporting system, providing food, better health system and lots of other facilities that made us live more comfortable.

What we did in return for this comfort?

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