My Wild Water River Rafting Experience at Tamugan River, Davao City

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My office mates from my previous company invited me to join them for their summer escapade in Davao City. They have decided to try water rafting for they haven't experience such. As an adrenaline junkie, I have decided to come with them knowing that wild water river rafting in Tamugan River, Davao City has several mighty rapids of twists, bends, and turns along the river which makes it more challenging and exciting to wild water rafting enthusiasts like me. 

When we arrived at the briefing hall, we have learned that we will be going through the river for about 3 1/2 hour. The excitement starts from Barrio Tamugan in Calinan, and then ends at the lowlands. The water course features some 30 rapids of varying degrees of difficulty in the 15 kilometers of rough water portion of the Davao River. Of course, everybody is excited as to what we will be experiencing during the raft. 

Upon our arrival at the starting point, we grouped ourselves by 5. Then, our guide named Roy instructed us to don helmets and lifejackets and highlighted that we should do whatever he says to avoid us from throwing away from the raft. 

We could really feel the rapids trying to make its way which made us uncomfortable and uneasy, if we could not jive with our paddling system we might throw ourselves to water with a current so fast and that would make it hard to go back towards our raft. Every time we make through a very hard and dangerous rapids without throwing or flipping of raft we would shout "HIGH FIVE!" as a call for celebration for coming out through. 

Well, There is a lot about the river, aside from having strong rapids it has also some part which is calm and relaxing. When we get to that part, we just dip ourselves to it and swim as we enjoy its calmness. 

And also, we have found some small opening which seem to be a cave.

It was a total bliss and overall fun. The excitement and the adrenaline rush has finally end when we arrived at our final destination. We made it! We haven't experienced flipping of raft brought about by mighty rapids, I just thought if that happened that might add to fun. But, I am indeed happy and thankful  for everybody has arrived safe and complete. Knowing that with a river like that? Phew! We are all thankful for our guides from Davao Wildwater Adventure for sharing their expertise and knowledge towards this lifetime memory of experience. You can come too and enjoy this experience with your family and friends. 

We haven't able to video the whole adventure to make you see how wonderful this escapade was, but here is a related video from DawnToDarkDusk captured via gopro to show you how exciting this river is:

After this, we immediately went to another Davao's finest tourist destination, Samal Island. Wherein, we visited one of their outstanding resort "Kaputian Beach Resort".



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