National Cherry Popsicle Day

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Today, August 26th, is National Cherry Popsicle Day.

Popiscles, also known as ice lollys, ice pops, freeze pops ice blocks and freezer pops are frozen water-based snacks.

Liquid of various types, such as fruit juice, is frozen - usually around a stick, which is then used as a handle to eat the popsicle.

The first recorded ice pop dates back to 1905 and was created by accident, after a drink was left outside overnight with a mixing stick left in it.

The term "popsicle" is actually a brand name, and has become what is known as a generalised trademark used to describe any snack of this type.

Cherry popsicles are, of course, popsicles flavoured with cherry.

Image: "cherry popsicle" ( by stu_spivack ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

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