Nepal Earthquake! Pakistan Stands with Nepal, India.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

We all have heard it since our primary school years. But when it comes to complicated international relations, the rules of friendships and relationships change to an upside down form. As International relations involve diplomacy, politics, power show and other such critical factors. Even the term "friends" doesn't really refer to a friend most of the times.

However, Pakistan being a straightforward estate and always a positive charge bearer, has always helped it's friends. Same happened today, when Nepal experience earthquakes and aftershocks, The whole country has been deformed, buildings collapsed and roads torn apart. Rector scale recorded it as 7.2. According to a report of a news company, 2000 men including people from other countries died in Nepal today. And more than 50 people died on the spot in India in the quake. There were tourists camping on Mount Everest, the camp has lost all contacts and the people are stuck somewhere inside. Hospitals in Nepal don't have enough space so people are given first aid and treatment in the open grounds. Families are lost and every eye is wet in the grief of the lost ones. Melancholy has it's dark wings spread on the whole region of Nepal.

In such devastation and moments of gloom, it is for sure that Nepal needs her true friends to stand with her. Nepal for sure is in need of international support in all means.

As i said earlier, Pakistan is a country, always ready to help others, offering it's services no matter how hard our own conditions are, Pakistan has pledged to help her friends in Nepal too. Four aircrafts loaded with all types of aids and the mighty soldiers of Pakistan Army has already flown to Nepal this morning right after the news of the earthquake was first broadcasted. Pakistan has sent it's precious men of Paramedical teams, the experts in aiding victims in natural disasters. Pakistan also offers help to India as it has always done. And for sure, Pakistan will help India as it has always done.

Being a Pakistani, i feel proud of how much do we have to offer to the world every time it needs us and how positive is our role in the 21st century world order. Yet my heart bleeds in gloom when i see how the world (esp. certain media lobbies) target Pakistan and it's people as the bad guys.

Pakistan stands with Nepal and India. Our hearts cry out for the victims in Nepal and India. We pray that the living victims of this earthquakes stay safe and may Allah give them strength to demonstrate patience. May Allah bless them with peace and harmony in future.

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