New Items on Film Annex Marketplace: Mobile Credit for Afghanistan and Italy, Amazon Gift Cards for Canada

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Since February 2014, Bitcoin has become Film Annex's official currency. Users can request the Bitcoin they earn on the platform or spend them on the marketplace.

Film Annex is extending its choice of items by adding mobile credit for Afghan and Italian users, and Amazon gift cards for Canadian users.








The mobile credit for Afghan users are worth 500AFN with a choice from different providers, and the Italian ones are worth 10€. Users from Canada can now also buy gift cards to be used on

To start shopping, click on the shopping cart at the top left corner of Film Annex homepage, or click here. Select an item and click on 'Buy'. The amount will be deducted from your total revenues.

When you spend your Bitcoin on our marketplace, you don't need to wait 75 days for your revenues to be due, nor to reach the minimum of 0.2 BTC.

Friends in Central Asia and Canada, start spending your Bitcoin now!


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