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Isn't it nice to see your notifications has a 100 number label on it? I am not sure if you check your notifications but I do and I love to respond to those ones who had commented in the posts that I had also commented. It makes me feel that I am not the only one interacting or had thought that specific post is interesting.

Aside from that, if I get a huge number notifications, chance is my posts are interesting too! It has a lot of interaction from other bitlander users and that is a good thing of course. It is good to receive buzzes although we won' be receiving a notification for every buzz, it is good to get comments from our co-bitlanders users and it is great to have emoticons right there, the user may have nothing to say but he or she still cared to post an emoticon on it! That is still effort and added point!

However, there's something very annoying in terms of comments and that is spam comments. It's just totally disgusting as it is just a copy and paste activity. One might be very glad to receive comments to this person but the truth is he didn't even care to read the post, he just pasted his "buzz me back" comment. I have seen a lot of these guys here and I am not sure if Bitlanders had done specific actions to these people. Oh! I know there was this monkey guy with cymbals who pops up before around two months ago whenever he thinks that you are already spamming but he isn't showing anymore either. I guess the administrators had taken it out as I have also observed that even if the user isn't really spamming, it was popping out of the screen and worse was its deducting buzz points from that specific user.

By the way, the worse notification page I had seen today was this one in the photo below. Actually its more than 60% of my notification was from this guy and it's all the same comment, obviously this guy's spamming my page, I still want to thank him though for the activity he had brought to my account but then, it's not quality activity, it's good for nothing. It's really hard to take spamming out of every site, I have seen a lot of sites being spammed and yes it's a challenge to the site admins. Hope this can be minimized though.

Got tried of saving the image, there's still more but I guess this should be enough as a proof. I am tagging @bitLanders and @LrY for this post. 

Have a great day everyone!

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