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There comes the next level of communication as the time is progressed the advancement in technology is increased and that is the reason why each of us are much familiar with the happenings being happened in our surroundings. Let us take the example of the internet web, which is the modern mean of communication and this so called modern mean of communication as internet has brought the world to a single platform and this has made the world a global village and this is the reason that each of us aware of each other.

This internet has the millions and billions of information you can say infinite information and we can have complete access to that information by pressing even a single mouse click and a button at our key board. Any kind of information you need as a result that today’s children are much aware of each and have excess to the millions and trillions of information.

Any how that was about the internet facilities in modern age I mean nowadays but now we come back to the early age. As I have already discussed in my previous blog about the early age of communication and we were at the pigeon and I told that the pigeon used to carry the messages but the pigeon being a living thing can do how much task. And secondly he couldn’t travel a long distance from one country to another country.

In contrary to this issue the tar system was introduced and this system was much efficient at that times but it was not so fast. Tar from one country was send to the other country by going to the tar office and at the office the desired message was encoded in some other form like digital form and then it was transmitted on some frequency where on the receiving side the people in the office used to decode that signal, but this system was not much efficient because the tar needed much time to travel through the medium and that was the reason the tar encoded message was reached the destination after many days. For example one person send the tar to his brother about the death of his father, the tar reached after many days of death then that person came back home at the death of his father. So this method was not much efficient. Then came the system of fax and this system was efficient than tar because it reached the destination faster than the tar. The scenario on which it worked was that the message signal was encoded in the fax machine on the transmission side and then send at the desired frequency on which the receiving side machine is operating when the message receives there the machine beeps and then the encoded signal from the sending side is decoded again into the original form and the print of that signal on the paper is originated from the machine in the written form.


This was all about the fax machine but this method is old now any how as the advancement in technology is occurred the science creates space for itself and the new horizons are created.

Then came the method of telephone this is also used nowadays and this telephone technology works on some specific band width. The history of telephone is that a person named GRAHAM BELL invented the telephone based on different band widths. He checked the telephones again and again and his method was absolutely correct. The speech signals which we speak are encoded by the encoder present at the receiver of the telephone it encodes our speech signals which we speak in to the electrical signals on some specific frequency and specific bandwidth. The electrical signal then reaches the desired frequency and the bell beeps on the receiving side’s machine and at the receiver side when the receiver of the telephone is picked up then the lines are connected both are at same frequency than and bandwidth and whatever we speak is encoded and then decoded at the receiver’s end. And this phenomenon is carried out in the nano seconds. It means this phenomenon is very very fast that we cannot judge it. And might be the same band width is also used by the other consumers.  Basically this system is full duplex meaning that both the receiver and sender can communicate with each other at the same time meaning that at the same time both the people can send and receive data I mean they can talk to each other very easily. This was the major reform in the history of communication. So in order to manage a huge customers a very large amount of band width is needed. This was all about the telephone technology and its working.

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