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So I've been into night photography recently so here's a bit of a crash course on taking night photos like this one!

So first, you're going to need a camera capable of long exposure (Most modern DSLRs work, I use a Nikon D3300) along with a sturdy tripod. The best time for night photography IMO is within an hour of sunset or sunrise. If you want the stars mainly, try getting as far away from the city as you can, and take photos ~4 hours after sunset.

Set the camera to preferably ISO 100-800, Try not to go higher if possible, but ISO 1600 can be OK depending on the camera.

Set the exposure to around F8 or so. Not totally wide open, but in the middle.

Then, set the shutter speed to anywhere from 1 sec-30 sec optimally. Whichever comes out to a perfectly exposed image. This is a noob's guide, so you can break the rules a bit, but for your first time try to roughly follow these.

One problem, like in the photo I showed, is that sometimes it's hard to focus in the middle of the night. Bring a flash lite to your location, as powerful as you can. Shine it to a tree that's far away, but not "distant". As far away as your flash lite will go. Focus to that spot, then position the camera. Check after your first photo and you can just use trial and error.

So what do you guys what to know about photography and Videography? Ask in the comments!

Hope this helps!

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