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Parts of the Asian Region have severe instability right now; from the Koreas to Afghanistan, lethal organized attacks and long-range missile launches are becoming routine practice. Though, Afghanistan continues to be the #1 cesspool with people succumbing to widespread violence almost every other day.

As the U.S.and NATO forces announce new, and reiterate established withdrawal timelines from Afghanistan, it seems like militants and insurgents plan more attacks to taunt NATO forces. The extremists are sending their own message - they have not weakened and will be there after NATO withdraws.

Recent suicide missions by the Taliban in the Herat and Helmand provinces took the lives of about 18, and injured at least another 25 people. The drama and bloodshed extends far beyond these instances with a coordinated attack that lasted three quarters of a day just last weekend. This took place in the capital (Kabul) of the country. The death toll from this attack is in the forties.

Targets in the plotted attack were NATO facilities and embassies of alliance members. The situation in Afghanistan looks to be spiraling for the worst; even though NATO and Afghan military forces say they have things under control and nearly prepared for the Afghans to handle their own security. At this point attacks can be launched anytime and anywhere by the Taliban or Haqqani group, which both claim involvement in the nearly 20 hour attack.

The bad news is, even with all the Intel and multiple military forces working together to fight insurgency, suicide missions, roadside bombs, and sneak attacks, there are no foolproof plans or options to completely stop the violence. The enemy wakes up everyday with the same plans no matter how bad the previous day was for them.

While NATO forces continue to counter the terrorist groups, and withdraw over the next two plus years, the world will see how things end up in Afghanistan.


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