No man loves life, like the one growing old!

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Photography! my passion, my love, my hobby, my friend when i sad, my friend when i am happy! This camera and me, we have been through a lot together but we never left each other's hand in the hardest times. There were time when i thought i do not have any other option left i have to sell you my friend, and that was the moment when God would show me a way to get out of that hard time and not toleave my friend (my camera)'s hand. I'd hold on to it tight and do everything to save this friendship. 

That was the time when i decided that i'd start showing other's problem, their worries, their happiness, their questions from the cruel world, their question from the God which they can't ask loudly but they can't even hide.

Their eyes say it all! I started to concentrate on the eyes of the people i would photograph and try to find those questions, those sorrows, that happiness in their eyes.

This photograph is of a washerman, lived near my house, i would go to his place to smoke, i could not smoke in the area where i lived so i would walk to his place, sit with him, smoke and chat. That was the time when i came to know the problems behind that smiling face, i saw it in his eyes, what he told me, his problems were a hundred times worse than that but he would never lose hope! he prayed regularly and thanked God for everything he had. There are the people we need to learn from, not those who drive a Mercedes, and say i wish i had a Lamborghini. We need to learn to thank God for whatever we have!

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