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Due to rheumatic heart disease, doctors decided to replace my mitral valve with a mechanical valve because it was not functioning very well.. It was implanted last year January 22,2014 at Mindanao Heart Center. That's why eating green leafy vegetables are strictly prohibited or food and fruits that  contains high amount of Vitamin K since I am taking Coumadin Warfarin.

How does Coumadin interact with Vitamin K?

Coumadin interferes with the action of vitamin K and therfore prolongs the time it takes to form a clot- this is the intended effect of coumadin therapy.. Increasing vitamin K intake while you are on Coumadin will work against the action of Coumadin.

What does Vitamin K do to the body?

The body needs vitamin K to produce some essential factors. Without vitamin K, these clotting factors may still be produced but are ineffective in clotting. Therefore, people with too little vitamin K have a bleeding tendency. (good thing I haven't experience bleeding yet, but sometimes my monthly period is too heavy).

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