Not me, you are more stable!

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There is a walk where the girls sing the song "I want you to live so" with a tragic mood. As if, in her sad or happy, happiness or misery, depend altogether on the guy that she loves. 

Of course, we accept the love someone, it also means giving them the right to hurt her. But I think, do not overdo things up. Breaking up with someone who does not pity, not love yourself, then that's probably about all contingent of course, comes just depends on the timing issue. Emotions may be sad, but not too long kingdom, will affect their lives. But really, I find that song did not make any sense at all. Strictly speaking, what songs to mention, if observant, then realized the guy was not looking for the girl, nor her feelings for him, which is a toilet - where While drunk man will find where the bad man will come, right?

Hey you, without you, it's really sad, but sadder to me in my life!

Kids these days of freedom are extremely peaceful day comfort. I made my self laugh, you self-soothe when I cry, I automatically get up after every fall the pain, greater self-grown children themselves. Yes you, I worry about how to always be my love, worry about fighting with another girl, right about keeping love is not out of reach, not worry so much that when her brother-a-no to worry, of course, if he is a good guy, he will not let her daughter loves anything to worry about anything, she would be safe and calm when loved him. But he sure is not he

I know some of you girls, because love which becomes very much dependent on her lover. From hair story, story clothing, spare time ... It's something out like nothing bad, but imagine, if ever man worshiped and regarded him as the only sun in your life themselves, always find ways around him, there will be times where not even recognize his own shadow. Life is like that, it is so sad!

Kids, old, has been on him like that!

I, now, realize: the greed of man is infinite. You are beautiful, they want you to look better. I can cook, they want me to cook more. I cleverly, they want me to become skilful. They just do not like you become smarter only.

I, now, realize: not unfocused because guys like me who love doing this, but I'm not allowed to do so one. I will cut hairstyle you like, more than two earrings pierced, tattooed a small tattoo, willing to cancel a date to go see you chatting rambled - if it is reasonable.



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