Nothing's Over

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Cold silent breeze of the night

The sun hid on its spot

Waiting with my shadow seemed eternity

Yet, I’m still here for bravery


Echoing silence was loudly heard

Replesdent darkness was clearly seen

Waiting for the soft chirped of a bird

 Yet, all of them chose to decline


Gazing down on my icey watch

Precious time tend to ran too fast

My heart ached crazily

I felt he acted playfully


My sight became blurry

The waterworks cascaded its way

Cautiously, I sat on the wet asphalt

Reminiscing our dim love story


I’m helpless, Hopeless, Loveless,

Still, he chose to lied?

It badly hurts inside

Yet, I still see no sight?


A drop of rain hit my shoulder

Realization whispered, he won’t come over!

Now it’s over!

I started to walk down the alley

I saw weird faces of everybody


It’s raining cats and dogs

Everyone saw me getting soaked

But no one can catch my grimace

The rain was helping me to hide it


I abrubtly halted

Rain suddenly aback

I looked up

And saw a red parasol

A hand guided me to hold it


One swift movement

Pair of secured arms

Enveloped me into a dulcet embrace

We stayed like that for a moment


Until, his familiar voice whispered


“Baby, Nothing’s Over!”








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