Nude photos artist in iCloud stolen hackers, Apple's answer

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(Here is a snippet of photographs and images in gif form showing Jennifer Lawrence is not a regular celebrity.)


Apple finally did release an official statement related to the theft of hundreds of nude photos of a beautiful artist in the world's top cloud-based storage services made ​​by them, iCloud. Through the official website, and email are disseminated, Apple claims that it is not guilty of the incident.

They explain the security hole is not located in a security system iCloud cloud computing service, but the user's own account. In this case, it means there is a security gap in the account username and password belonging to the celebrities who become victims.

Here's Apple's official statement as quoted by page Street Insider, Wednesday (09/03/2014):

"We want to provide the latest information related to the investigation of theft photographs of celebrities. When we learned of this theft, we were furious and immediately ordered the Apple engineers to locate the source of the problem. Privacy is very important for the safety of our customers."

"After more than 40 hours of an investigation, we finally found that indeed a number of accounts (iCloud) celebrities interrupted by attacks targeting username, password and security questions, practice these attacks are very common on the internet. Neither the results of our investigation of the in many cases the infringement on Apple's security system, including the security system or the iCloud Find my iPhone feature. We will continue to work with authorities to help identify the parties involved in this case. "

Over the discovery of these facts, the Apple recommends, "To protect (Apple user accounts) from various types of attacks, we suggest to all users to always use a strong password and use the two-step verification. Both of these security features can be accessed through our website "

Find my iPhone had become 'scapegoats'

Previous flare news circulating that Find My iPhone feature is the culprit security holes exploited by hackers to steal personal photo collection of the Hollywood actress. Page Phone Arena reported security holes in Find my Phone can be easily exploited by hackers using a script (program language) Python.

Peretasnya do utuk force method to get access through the email and password combination query to attack successfully. Most of the services usually does provide limits the opportunity for the user to enter the ID number and password before locking the account.

In contrast to that reported by Phone Arena reports, Mashable justri page contains reports that support the evidence that the actual computing security systems built by Apple to be sufficient.

In Apple's official website described a series of security system that protects the iCloud service. There mentioned that the data stored on iCloud through two rounds of encryption, which is in the server and when transmitted from the user device. This means that, technically the data on iCloud servers and data delivery while traveling should not be stolen.

In addition to encryption matters, Apple also introduced a system of two-step verification security for users who want to access their iCloud service. So, as long as the user username and password is unique, the user will have the data safe.

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