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 We all love seeing some cool and unique places around the world and Iceland is home to a great amount of absolutely gorgeous to-die-for destinations. I was casually looking for places on my bucket list to visit and I have to say one that we don’t always hear about from tourists is this beautiful location.


Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon. I was unaware of this serene spot before I did some digging and noticed it is a premier geothermal spa; this place will really bring out the peaceful side to anyone with its surreal views set in a lava wilderness filled with bright blue waters.

 The added benefit of this beauty treatment is that you can enjoy a meal while catching the aurora lights, if you have some patience of course.  But the Blue Lagoon is not all that Iceland has to offer.


Beyond its spectacular sights and breathtaking views, Iceland’s Geysir Hot Springs will surely bring out the scientist in you. A fun fact that many of us don’t know is that the Icelandic Geysir that became active about 1,000 years ago actually gave its name to other geysers worldwide.

 For those looking to see the peaceful sights when in Iceland, you would definitely want to make the move towards West Iceland. There you will find the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, which can be found in the bottom of Hvalfjordur.


West Iceland is also home to its very famous lava caves with the largest one known as Videgelmir in Flijotstunga with gorgeous ice prints, and lava flows. When in Iceland, you must also see the glaciers, as they are unique to the country.

 As you may have already noticed, the various names for the Icelandic locations can be quit confusing if you are not familiar with the language. So, unless you have a family member or friend that is able to give you a tour, I would highly suggest booking a tour with one of the local touring agencies that will really elevate your experience.

 So next time you’re thinking about traveling to see a unique place, consider Iceland as one of your ideal places; it is truly beautiful. 

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