Oil and natural gas resources of Muslim world

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As we known that the Muslim world is not fertile for agriculture because of lack of water or poor soil, but it is the most important region of the world for producing oil and natural gas. These extremely valuable  for exports because the whole world is desperate for petroleum, and also for helping to develop the industries in the Muslim World. This Area is producing one third of the world, s output of oil and 15%of the natural gas .More of these energy sources are being discovered all the time, especially gas in Pakistan.


Iraq has huge reserve of oil, third in order after Saudi Arabia (Iran in second) but today for political reasons, Iraq is banned from exporting more than a small amount. If the Iraq is allowed to export all that I was able to, the Islamic world would produce more than half the total supply. Other states like such as Bahrain, Qatar and Abu Dhabi in U A E Produce large amount of oil. Abu Dhabi has 9 % of world Oil reserves and 5% of natural gas reserves. In 2007 Pakistan produces about 22.6 Million Barrel of crude oil. This may seems a large amount but remember that Saudi Arabia pumps out this amount every two days.


For the Consumption of the oil only Iran came in top 15 oil Consumers and even then, it produces the three times as much it uses. Most of Oil used by Iran is for Industry and for turning sea water in fresh water (desalination).yet beside the limited Oil reserves Pakistan has large amount of gas reserve found in Province Baluchistan this Natural gas is use in home as fuel and in industries.


Blog Writer: Muhammad Usman

These statistics are taken form G S P (geological Survey of Pakistan)


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