On Being Brokenhearted

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A broken heart that loved truly cannot be healed overnight. It takes time, courage, and the conscious
decision to walk away from the past. The memories will take time to fade and so does the lingering feelings
but you shouldn't feel bad for thinking about it.

Don't feel bad if you start wishing that you could go back.
Don't feel bad if you start to stop yourself from experiencing life.
There is a lot more to life than just a heartbreak so don't limit yourself to one.


You will feel bad and you'll start wishing that you could go back and do whatever it takes to hold on to that person. You will feel bad for experiencing life without them beside you. There is nothing more real in your life other than the intense pain you feel the moment you wake up until the time that sleep takes over.

Sleep will be your only escape. Those few hours of nothingness will be the only thing you'll want to do over and over again. That and reminiscing every single memory that you spent with that person. You'll want to sleep forever and you'll ask the world why it's still turning and moving forward. You will ask the world to stop and wait for you - wait for the person who left you to be returned beside you.

But life will not stop for you. The world won't stop turning and the world won't stop working just because you'e in pain. Like the world, you must continue to move forward. you must endure things for you are stronger than you think you are.

You will get through this storm and when you do, you're better than before.


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