Online Paying Sites that I use (Part 1)

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Online Paying Sites that I Use


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As the technologies nowadays keep on upgrading and even just a teen are becoming emerged to the uses of internet, it is not new to know that people are searching for an online job or whatever sites that they can make money with. Just like me, as a college student, I am really in the need of searching and being active to some paying social media sites that help me with my financial needs.

Cyber world becomes the world that full of opportunities  to earn.

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When I was a typical high school student, I already have my Facebook account. Well, that's the generation today, I need to be fitted and go with the flow. But even though I already have an account, I am not really fascinated to its usage or even to its popularity. After years of boredom with my Facebook account, I never knew that through the simple chat, I will become interested in the online world.

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It's all started when someone added me on Facebook and we started to talk. I will not going to mention her name but she has an account here in bitlanders. We talked as if we know each other and then we became close friends, then one day she mentioned about bitlanders. Due to my curiosity, I asked her some information about this awesome site and afterwards, I created my account and then my bitlanders journey has started. I became addicted especially when I've received my first payment, then I talked too much, I became interested about people across the world and started creating a strong bond between them. Because I used to know some friendly people here, some invited me to join different sites that according to them are legitimate, so I've joined. And through my bitlanders friends, I am now exposed to many online paying sites.

Paying social media sites that I use.

As of now I have four legitimate paying social media sites to tackle about with you. I already tested these sites and received payments from these so I can say that joining these is not a waste of time. So, let's start.

1. Bitlanders

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Bitlanders is a social media site that pays its users for being socially active and submitting quality contents. This is what I love about bitlanders, the mere fact that it is all about the contents. I love reading and writing, that's why I found my place here. :) When it comes for being a legitimate site, bitlanders is real legit as it never fails in releasing payments.

For more than one year that I am using this site, I can say that Bitlanders as a paying site is not just one of the best, bitlanders is really the best site that I've joined. Look, I am not saying this because I am writing this blog here in bitlanders, I am writing this because this is the truth. Ive joined lots of sites but no one can beat this site. Here are some reasons why I tend to say that bitlanders is the best.

  • Quality contents on review . Where else sites can you showcase your writing abilities and enhance it? As of now, for me,  it is only bitlanders that have concerns about their members because for every content review there are corresponding comments and advices on how you can improve your content so that for the next time you will submit one you can get more stars.
  • No need for much attention. Oppss before you raise your eyebrows, please read the following first :p here in bitlanders, you don't need to buzz all they long, as long as you have quality contents and you have enough followers who's always buzzing your contents, you dont need to buzz million posts to earn. Of course you do need to socialize but it is up to you on how long you want to interact unlike other sites that you really need to be super active, haha! later you will find out why I am telling this.

  • Knowing people across the world. This is how bitlanders takes advantage with the other paying social media sites that I am using. ONLY bitlanders have this GLOBAL CHAT. Yes, other paying sites give also an opportunity to social with other people but not to all members like this. On the other sites, you need to join first to a group chats but here in bitlanders, you are automatically connected to the global chat which in my case is quite good because I can easily see other users conversations and join them. And when it comes to socializing, all users can read my message on the global chat and by that I can get more followers and buzzers :)
  • you can withdraw your earning anytime as long as you reached the minimum amount for payout. Here in bitlanders, we can withdraw our earnings anytime, no need to wait for the so called payday. So work hard if you want to earn fast and withdraw, you can withdraw multiple times in a week as long as your balance is enough for the amount to payout.
  • Friendly Staffs. Yes, admins on this site sometimes interact in the global chat and once you have queries about the site, they will response immediately. Bitlanders is the only site where I never felt ignored, seriously, every time I want to ask or report something, the admins especially the support team on this site always take an action.
  • Customizing avatar. AS a simple little girl on this site, I like the fact that we have this avatar that we can customize, buy stuffs and make it a real representation of us. Haha! see my avatar and its girly facade? I am a little bit looking like it.

  • Overall, Bitlanders is the best site so far for me simply because the site is easy to use and the platform itself is REALLY AWESOME (^_*) kudos to all the staffs of this site!



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Honestly speaking, AT FIRST I like this site because I used to see some quality photos that help me understand photography and also knowing the uses of some photo editors/ applications that can help enhance the quality of the photo, but approximately three days ago, this site really made me sad because of the new rule applied that affects all of its members.


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From the video above,you can see how easy to literary earn from rabadaba. Perhaps, you only need to upload some stuffs, vote some posts and sometimes join some contests to make your rabs or earning high fast. At the like that I am fascinated on this site, I can easily reach the minimum because some dabbers ( short for rabadaba users) are helping me up and I used to post a lot. Before I will say my sentiments and show bitterness on this site, let's move forward first on why I used to love this site. This is just for insights. :)

  • Uploading Contents. We can upload photos and videos on rabadaba, it can be edited or original as long as it is your own contents and not taken from google. Through uploading contents, we will learn how to be creative and use some applications where we can showcase are editing abilities. One of the featured users there is sis @saori-sam. She's  from this site, and she became a feature user on rabadaba because of her creativity in editing pictures. In fact, she's the one who's recommending photo editor apps to me which I am always using. (wink ^_*)
  • Updated earnings. Every time we vote a certain post or someone upvotes our posts, our rabs ( the currency of earnings that can be convert in dollars) are automatically updated.
  • Tipping. This is the only advantage of rabadaba from other sites. The fact that we can help other users by sending our rabs. We can help other users to reach the minimum fast by tipping them some rabs.

  • Contest thingy. Even the admins of rabadaba are hosting some contests that make the site lively. Everyone can participate and do what the contest is all about. Through these contests, it gives all dabbers the opportunity to earn fast.
  • Friendly staffs. The staffs on rabadaba are interacting too. We can send a private message and get a prompt reply. They also focusing on making the system fast and avoid some bugs.

Okay, so much for what I like, now, lets come to its dark side. -.- I do not want to be bitter but I have to say this so that if ever you want to join rabadaba, you will not be that disappointed :P

Three days ago, admin @rabadaba published this post and almost all the users got shocked while reading the statement below.

Effective immediately the conversion rate for RABs will be 1 RAB = .00001. That means 100,000 = $1. We have credited your account for all RABs earned to this point. So you will see your balance increase. The minimum for payout will now be 1,000,000 RABs. ($10)

BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT - read below for all the GOOD NEWS.

- the format of rabadaba will be changing in some significant ways. Quality content will be able to earn more money very soon. When we say more money we mean considerably more. You'll still earn by voting but you'll see the best posts earning more like $10 instead of 10 cents. So if you've seen your posts make it to the top of featured or popular areas then you can expect to be earning a good deal more than you have been.

-rabadaba is now open to the world. That means more users and more votes and more activity.

-we are focusing the payment aspect of rabadaba to get more money in the hands of quality users. No longer will spammers, Content thieves or garbage be rewarded for clogging up the rabdaba system. Your beautiful photos and amazing videos now have a chance to make REAL money.

-we think you'll love the new rabadaba format. Right now you might be saying - "I'll never reach 1,000,000 RABs!" But we assure you that this new system will be a benefit to those who have been loyal, active members and quality content providers. Also- the new format will be most importantly more FUN! Instead of seeing your awesome picture make a few cents it will now have the potential to win serious cash - so don't get discouraged.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to growing WITH you and rewarding you even more $ for your excellent dabs.



Even I got shocked I know I almost reach the minimum but since they change it, oh come on! how can I do that T_T, as of now, I still dont know if I can possibly reach the minimum before the payday. So that's it good luck to those who want to try rabadaba. Hope you guys reach 1,000,000 rabs by voting, posting and paticipating some contests, that's really hard to reach for a month so good luck! For instance here is the new conversion, see the picture below.

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Best of luck to those who want to try rabadaba. Anyways, rabadaba never fails to send payments as of now so it is still considered as a legitimate site but really hard to achieve the minimum :P

I still have more sites to share with you guys, but my blogs is long enough, so  be updated and dont forget to hit the buzz button for me to be inspired to write more ^_* Lovelots!

Note: The content of this blog is my original work, PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Thank you for reading!

---> Shaiera :)

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