Opening Ceremonies of FIFA World Cup Focuses On The Diversity of Nature and the People of Brazil

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For those of you around the world watching the world cup held in Brazil, how many of you watched the opening ceremonies? Compared to the opening ceremonies held in major countries like China for the Olympics, some would say the Brazil's opening ceremonies had less pomp and ceremony and focused more on smaller delights, such as the wonderful nature costumes worn by its more than 600 participants -the youngest being 12 and the oldest 62.

Charming and educational are words to best describe the ceremonies which you still may able to find on Youtube.

In front of the delight of an appreciative live audience as well as a world-wide one, the stadium featured an eclectic mix of colourful performers and dancers representing plants and trees, as well as the culture of Brazil. It's young acrobats is said to have worked on their routine for four months. A highlight is to learn that some of the acrobatic moves were the result of Brazil's early slaves who were trying to create something that would both entertain and used as as defensive means --just like martial arts.

Among the cast of characters who were artfully made up by 30 makeup teachers, were performers dressed as  beautiful flowers, multiple blue water characters, real native Indians carried into the stadium on canoe, traditional folk dancers from Southern Brazil, samba dancers and of course,  Jennifer Lopez who was dressed in a skimpy green outfit with sky-high heels. Not bad for someone in her forties. 

I especially like the round, glowing  ball in the middle of the stadium which later opened to reveal the famous Lopez and a few other singers, carrying on a rousing nationalistic tune. Brazil last hosted the world cup in 1950. It's your turn to shine, Brazil. Go Brazil, go!

Don't forget to catch the closing ceremonies on your favourite TV or Internet Channel July 13. 

Perhaps when the world focuses on Brazil, world leaders will able to help save  the amazing rainforest of Brazil and stop its deforestation. 









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