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Pakistani Government and the Taliban negotiated for almost ten months but it has been fruitless because one hand, the Taliban have declared ceasefire and on the other hand the terrorists were blasting bombs everywhere. In these circumstances, no sentient man could imagine continuing negotiations. After great thought and effort, the government of Pakistan decided for operation instead of negotiations. Pakistan military on the instructions of the Government of Pakistan have launched a military operation in tribal region North Waziristan. The name given to this operation is “Operation Zarb e Azb”.

Operation Zarb e Azb is the war for the existence of Pakistan. Actually this operation is named after one sword of our Holy Prophet Hazart Muhammad (S.A.A.W). Azb is Arabic word which means sharp or one that cuts. Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has said that Operation Zarb e Azb has been initiated in North Waziristan to get rid of the scourge of terrorism from the country and this operation will be continue until the complete elimination of terrorists. On the other hand, Pakistan's defense minister says Taliban have violated the sanctity of negotiations. Military operation in North Waziristan has been decided after great considerations.  Except few Taliban religious parties all other religious and political parties have announced full support of the military operation against Taliban militants. It is hoped that this will be the decisive operation against the Taliban.

The Pakistani army has several military operations, including operations Al Mizan in South Waziristan in 2001, in  2007 Operation Sher Dil,in 2008 Operation Earthquake in Malakand Division,in Swat Operation Rah e haq  in the same area in 2009  Operation Rah e rast and in 2010 operation Rah e Nijat. In all these operations the operation Rah e Rast in the affected areas of Malakand is considered to be most successful operation. After 2010, the operation Zarb e azb is another Military operation of Pakistan Army. Pakistan is in the grip of terrorism for many years, which has cut off Pakistan from the world because of terrorism no country is ready to send their team to participate in any game in Pakistan. No business man is willing for his business in Pakistan. Investors are avoiding to invest in Pakistan.Citizens live with fear in their own country.

 If there is anyone roaming in the country then they are terrorists. They have left no mosque, no hospital; along the markets and cities they have also tried to attack airports. And above all, they have not even spared our Army Headquarters and showed their cowardly acts. We salute our Pak army which failed their struggles with courage. I do not understand that Pakistan is an Islamic country and what is this way of spreading Islam in an Islamic country? If our Prophet Hazart Muhammad (S.A.A.W) had to spread Islam with the power of sword then they could eliminate all non-Muslims or make them Muslims with the help of Angels by order of Allah. But our Beloved Prophet (SA.A.W) had spread Islam with love and affection.

Now the government of Pakistan ordered army to start operation in North Waziristan. We pray for the success of Pakistan Military to eradicate all terrorists from the Pakistan. Military is trying to complete operation with minimal casualties.Our nation is proud of our brave soldiers for courage ,valor,bravery and selfless patriotism .


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