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Our education system at present is not capable of to produced great intellectuals and scientists and our educational system seems aimless and unscientific . Our educational system is inconsistent with our national inspirations actually it is the heritage of British rulers because at that time this educational system was designed by Lord mekale for the children of those workers who was the employees of east India company called under British rule as B-class citizens.Our students has fair choice of career,because through present educational system we can not produce great mathematicians, scientist, scholars ,teachers ,thinkers honest Politician.                                                                                                                       A statistical survey should be made by the government and government should farmed educational policies according to the needs of the nation because the culture of Pakistan is different in different provinces. we should built up a national educational policy, and government must implement those policies.the student also face on the big problem is to admission to professional colleges because the students did not passed the entry test.there is also the great hurdle of national language because the great number of students were weak in English and they have faced the language barrier.                                                                                                                                                                             Education should the priority to every other thing because if we want  to make Pakistan a great nation in the world we must focus the education as our priority as at individual and national level .Government should announce the educational scholar ships and give the opportunity to students of abroad education.Send the  P H D  students to abroad for research.Education budget should be increase up to the  6 % of the GDP                                                                                         


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