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As time passes and we advance into a world of rockets, electronics and robots, we lose our contacts with fellow human beings. Social contact is necessary to make us feel that we are humans and not machines. The best way to realize human feelings and get connected with fellow humans is meeting masses in merry making.

The happy occasions among Muslims are not these seasonal changes. As the Muslims society is unique, so it has its own customs, festivals and social gatherings. The Muslims society is bases on the moral being of man. The customs, traditions and festivals of other societies are attached to the material welfare of man. That is why; the participants in Hundu, holi and Dewali indulge in excessive drinking and dancing. They forget their moral being and are completely given to evil ways.


Some of the members of these societies learn immoral behavior and crime in these gatherings. In this light, we should examine our great festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul – Azha and Eid Miladun Nabi. All these festivals are concerned in Eidgah outside the city or in some chosen mosques, if the city is big. This prayer is thanks-giving to Allah who enabled the Muslims to keep fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. This month ends with the sighting of the moon.


This sighting of the moon is accompanied with the shouts of joy and greetings. Preparations of the tasty food and the dandies to be served to the guests on the Eid day go throughout the night. Shops remain open and people crowd the shops to purchase Eid cards, gay clothes, now shoes, perfumes, gifts for children and elderly people and so many other things.

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