Our Love Will Last

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Our Love Will Last

A wan smile made its way on my lips as I watch you trying to wipe the tears that kept on streaming against your cheeks. All I want is to pull you in my embrace and wrap my arms around you, to comfort you and to be the one to dry your tears.

“You know that when you smile you stop the rain?” I told you that a lot of times. And I know you still remember it. That’s why you’re trying to be strong, trying to put that lovely smile back in your beautiful face.

I still remember the promise I made, that we will be together forever, and that I will never leave you. And believe me when I say that I really want to keep that promise.

From the first time I saw you; I know that it’s you that I want to spend the rest of my life. I know that there is no one or anything that can separate me from you.

I waited with bated breath as I watch him close the distance between him and you. It hurts that it is him who’s wrapping his arms around you, and it’s his shoulder you are crying to.

I used to get protective when I see other men approach you. I still am but all I want is for you to be able to smile again. And I know that I can no longer do that. I will have to leave you.

Before I finally take this final step, can you promise me one thing?

Please… Don’t forget about me.

Hold on to our memories…

Although I’m gone, although I’m no longer beside you…

My love for you will stay…

And will not leave you…

And when it’s time…

I’ll meet you here…

And this time…

Our love will last.


Original Author: Moreen (Vampie-Rin)
First Posted: Here
Image Credit: Pixabay

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