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 I would love to imagine a world where windows are no longer an issue of maintenance, no balancing acts to clean windows and the air is very pure, where pollution does not affect the air inside my home or my lungs for that matter.


Well, in recent news at a Techie conference, Robert Hecht with Ecovacs Robotics discussed one oEcovacs Roboticsf the newest robots to the team that will bring an end to the troubles with washing windows, the Winbot.

 It is this adorable looking robot, sort of like the Roomba vacuum, that slides around on windows sort of like a leech that sucks and cleans all of the dirt away, like magic. It is said to clean any size window that you would like with or without a frame.


This little Winbot also has its own safety precaution, which is a suction cup that holds its cord, so if the Windbot looses its balance, it will only fall the length of the cord and not be a danger to society.

 The other cool contraption showcased at this conference was the world’s first air purifying robot, the RYDIS H800, discussed by Mike Verdone with Moneual, which will go to any room in the house that it deems is an unclean air environment, purify it and move on to the next room.


What’s really sweet about this air purifying robot is that it will not run out of batteries because it sends itself back to the charging station, now doesn’t that just make life so much easier, when you’ll never forget to recharge your robot friend?

 This air purifying little genius also picks up on mold and mildew in the house, it has sensors so it will not bump in to things, and it can be used on hardwood flooring as well as carpet.


These two new contraptions and very helpful additions to the real world and the world of robotics will hopefully become a part of the mainstream in upcoming years. They are very beneficial especially the air purifier for all city residents or any individuals worried about air pollution.

 I must say robotics companies have really thought into the needs of the average citizen, these two additions are really amazing. 

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