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No doubt this is the era of information technology and world has become a global village. With every passing day, social media is becoming most important in our lives where for news and information millions of people are connected to each other. There was a time when we are away from home there was no mean to communicate with our relatives, friends and loved ones except letters which took months to reach to desire destination. But now media experts have invented such ways through which exchange of ideas has become a common thing. The role of internet in these media sources is very prominent. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular web sites which have millions of users worldwide.

Through this network Facebook is now used so much that one and a half million people only in Pakistan are using Facebook. Facebook is a great way to communicate with friends, relatives and other people. Communicating with friends, to share thoughts and messages with others, to make new friends, chit chat from anywhere is extremely easy via Facebook. It is used as a tool for business and advertisement; rather, today Facebook has become global mean for social and business contacts. We cannot deny the usefulness of Facebook and it is the most popular social media network. Those who use it, are addict of it this extent that their mornings starts with Facebook.

The number of Facebook users is growing daily. According to 2012 calculation data the U.S. is No 1 where 168 million people are using Facebook. India in on third number while Pakistan's number is 28, and 7.49 million people are linked to this web site, 68% male and 32% are women. 50% of this is boys and girls of 18-24 years, there is striking increase in number of users.

Every time using Facebook has become modernism trend and fashion. This invention is rapidly gaining popularity. Facebook has some disadvantages, which must be avoided. Some people use Facebook to such extent that when they do not use it for a while they become agitated. West has revolutionized the field of Information Technology that they are trying to send fragrance through sms while our young generation wastes all of its energy by using girl’s pictures on Facebook to make girl-friend and then slowly reveals their fake love to deceive girls. There are people on Facebook who use this useful media for their nefarious desires.  On Facebook, many people (especially young boys and girls) make fake IDs and deceive people and sometimes it leads us to leave our life.  We are part of selfish society that if we say hello to someone we say it for a purpose then how can we love someone? From milk to life saving medicine everything is adulterate then how can our love be pure?  

Everything has both positive and negative aspects it depends on in which way we are using it. On Facebook we interact with people of different kinds and different nature. Girls should avoid extra interaction with boys at any social media it seldom happens when we got our true love on social medias otherwise mostly people are fake and fraud. Boys should not play with emotions of any girl and also they must keep an eye on their sisters what they are doing on Facebook or any other media. Parents should limit the interaction of their sons and daughters with other girls and boys by providing them such environment that they do not get time to interact with false people because care is better than cure!!!!




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