Pak-Canadian- woman becomes Manitoba Liberal leader

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The first Pakistani Canadian female politician scored an elections victory and grab Liberal Party’s leadership in western Canada’s prairie province of Manitoba. A lawyer turned politician, Rana Bukhari, 36, is Pakistani descent who has been elected to lead the party at a recently held convention. She was born in Winnipeg and grew up on a farm in Eastern Manitoba, where her parents own a largest poultry business. She clinched 431 votes to get party’s top slot on the first ballot at a leadership convention in Winnipeg. With this close margin victory, she became Canada’s first ever Pakistani- Canadian to lead Manitoba’s third largest party into the next provincial elections expected to be held in 2016. She will replace Jon Gerrard, who had been leader of the party for the past one decade. After her victory, Bukhari amid loud cheer of Liberal members vowed to strengthen the party and work for the progress of the Manitoba province. She resolved to face the challenge and would come up to the expectations of her supporters and constituents. Ms Rana Bukhari with two degrees in Criminology and Psychology remains deeply involved in politics and community affairs during her studies. She has successful track record of community services and raising funds for various humanitarian causes around the world. She had actively participated in fundraising campaigns to create awareness and raise funds for victims of floods in Pakistan and Philippine, earthquake in Haiti and for the famine-stricken people of East Africa. She has honour to be the first Manitoban of South Asian origin to take a leadership role in a political party in Manitoba

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