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Sketch of a Pukhtoon (Pashtun) Emperor, Sher Shah Suri ( Source: Google )

Introduction To The Term Pakhtoon

People often are mistaken between Pathan and Pakhtoon considering them both as same, where as there is a huge difference between these two words. Pathan is a cast name, whereas Pakhtoon ( sometimes Paushtoon ) is a collective word for all those people who speak the language Pakhto ( Pashto , Pushto ). However their is not a huge cultural difference between the Pakhtoons. Almost everything is the same between Pukhtoons. There is a wide range of families and casts falling in being the part of Pakhtoons, spread over Norther areas of Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan. Pakhto is also official language of Afghanistan. Pakhtoon people can be geographically classified as eastern Iranian people, however there is a huge difference when it comes to cultural and custom values.

Map showing areas where Pakhto is spoken ( Source: Wikipedia )

Acoording to 2008 Census there were 49 million Pakhtoons all over the world. Pakhtoon people are famous for their bravery and hospitality. History is full of such brave stories of Pakhtoon RulersPakhtoons are also very famous for their honesty and hard work. Pakhtoons are also known as the people of mountains, as they live in harshcold and mountanious terrain. They are tallstrong and have tough physiquePakhtoons are very kind and just people. Pakhtoons learn use of weapons from very young age as for their protection and hunting purposes.


Pukhtoon culture is full of many interesting things. Pukhtoons men are very found of hunting and weapons, whereas the Pukhtoon women are responsible for grazing animals. As the living area is mountanious and not suitable for farming that's why there is a very few amount of Pukhtoons who are depend on farming for their food and daily needs. Most of Pakhtoon people depend on animals and animal fur for their living. 


A Pakhtoon Women in her cultural dress grazing sheep ( Source: Google )

Pakhtoon are found of education and really take it as a serious and important part of their life. We have a lot of great personalities in world re-owned sectors, who are Pakhtoons. Like Gen. Muhammed Ayub Khan the Field Marshal and 2nd President of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan belonged to a Pakhtoon Family 

A picture of Gen. Muhammed Ayub Khan ( Source: WikiPedia)

Similarly we have Zalmay Khalilzad who was United States Ambassador To United Nation under President George. W Bush. Zalmay belongs to a Pakhtoon family from Afghanistan. He is a great inspiration and a matter of pride for pakhtoons all over the world. 

A picture of Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad ( Source: WikiPedia)

Another great Pakhtoon personality is Abdul Ahad Mohmand of Mohmand family from Afghanistan. By occupation Ahad is an astronaut.

Mr.Abdul Ahad Mohman In Uniform ( Source: WikiPedia )

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan from Afridi family is a world re-owned international cricketer who has made several world records in past.

Mr. Shahid Afridi ( Source: WikiPedia)

Pakhtoon dress for men usually consist of Kameez ( long shirt ), Shalwar and Waist Coat. In winter the men use shawl made usually of wool to cover themselves from cold.The shoes are known as Kohati Chapal which are widely worn by Pakhtoon men and to cover head the cap used is known as Chitrali topi or a traditional turban. For women the dress is usually long frocks with beautiful designing.These frocks are usually very expensive sometimes worth more than 1000$ as the material used is very fine and all the embroidery is done using hands only. Pakhtoon women also have a special type of make up on while they are in their cultural dresses.The women usually graze animals gather water, sew clothes and prepare food while the Pakhtoon men are responsible to make a living, gather resources, hunt for food and take care of the whole house.                                                                                                   Traditional Dress for Pakhtoon Women ( Source:Google )

Traditional Pakhtoon dress for Men ( Source:Google )


A pair of Kohati Chapal ( Source:Google )

A Pakhtoon man wearing Chitrali Cap also known as Pakol ( Source:Google )

Pakhtoon people have a special sitting place in their houses for man guests that is known as "Hujra", here usually pakhtoon man sit with friends, chit chat, all the special men functions are carried out in hujaras. This is the special place for men. Most of Pakhtoon men are fond of smoking hashish, and hujra is there preferred place to make gatherings. Pakhtoon have their own kind of justice system that is known as jirga, in jirga the issue between two parties is solved by the decision of head of the tribe. Then a lamb is slaughtered and cooked for all men who took place in jirgaJirgas are also carried out in hujras. It's a matter of shame if ones  house doesn't have a hujra. So it's compulsory for every house to have a hujra.

A painting showing a gathering in hujra ( Source:Google )

A traditional Hujra ( Source:Google )


Pakhtoon men are fond of a special type of dogs known Bull-terry/Gultair/Gull-terry these are special dogs somewhere from breeds of Dog-Argentino. Pakhtoon men keep them as pet, as they are used to safeguard and in dog fights. Pointers dogs are kept for hunting purposes. 

A Gulterry dog ( source:google )

Gulterry are very powerful and aggressive dogs, and that's what they are famous for. These dogs were basically bred by Pakhtoons, now they are very famous in Pakistan.

Other than that the quail and partridge are very famous pet birds among Pakhtoons. The owner of bird will take the bird everywhere with him and care for it like his very own child.

 Quail ( source: google )

Grey Partridge ( source:google )

Pakhtho Music

Pakhto music is loved world wide. The main instruments used are SitarRabab and DrumsPakhto songs mostly cover the topic of Love for loverlove for land and being proud of once cast. The tune of Rabab is very soothing and catchy to ones ears. 

A Rabab ( source:google )

Very Beautiful Rabab Tune ( source: youtube )

Daud Khan Sadozai Playing Rabab Live ( source: youtube )

( source: youtube )

Rabab mixed with other instruments  ( source: youtube )

The Pakhto poetry is also very famous for its uniqueness. We have list of world re-owned performers who sing these poetry. 

Redi Gul by Yasir & Jawad ( source: youtube )

Jaam ( bowl ) by Yasir & Jawad ( source: youtube )

Pakhwa by Ismail with English subtitles ( source: youtube )

Zama da mene lewanaya ( source:youtube )

Famous Pakhtoon Tribes


Syeds are basically arabs by bloodline, from the family of last prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammed ( P.B.U.H )Syeds relate to the house of Hazrat Ali (R.A), however some people from these tribes have migrated to Russia and there after  to Afghanistan and PakistanSyed is very noble tribe among Pakhtoons, and are usually rulers of their areas.


Very famous Pakhto poet Hamza Baba belonged to this tribe. The Shinwaris originate from Afghanistan and their blood lines are related to the Kasi tribe. Shinwaris are famous for their love of lamb meat.


The famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi belongs to this tribe. Afridis have been settled in Pakistan since beginning. They settle in the the are of Khyber Agency in KPK a province of Pakistan. However some of Afridians can be found in Afghanistan now.


The name of this tribe itself means " Son Of Yousuf ( Joseph ) ". The Yusfazais are beleived to be from the bloodline of Prophet Joseph. They are based in Pakistan only, and the upper northern areas, like Swat and Tira.


Achakzais are known to be very patriotic and very proud of their culture. Achakzais are base on sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan borders.


Sadozais are descendants of Sado Khan who was once considered as " Afghan Lord ". Sadozai can be found in the Northern Areas Of Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan.




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