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Hi all,

The political, economic, law and oredr and other social condition are not hidden with everyone.

But after the 2008 elections, the role of madia is very strange. We are in war conditions against our own people and to some extant with "taliban" We are facing a long list of crises. In current situation, when we have so many issues to highlight then why our media is just highlighting the trivial, and dead political issues? The retired general and brigadier are making INKASHAFAAT and our media is highlighting them and political parties are in state of blame war against each other.

In present situations, when we have other serious issues like Power crises, War against terror, water disputes with India which is very alarming ang major issue and other so many problems, then why media is not giving importance to these issue and conducting the useless MANAZRY on provincial and regional poitics.

Instead of spreading awareness and supporting unity in the country, media is causing disruption in the society.

And its not about any single news channel almost every news channel is doing same.

Do you think media is playing its useful role???

Regards, safeer

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