Pakistani Politics

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Politics is the common system for the every country. The politician plays an important for the better laws and constitution of every country.


But in our Pakistan country, Politics system is very poor, lower educated politics are our senior ministers and often politician have duplicate educated degrees and in the recent years, this issues was very common on the media. Supreme Court solved many cases about the duplicate degrees and banned many politicians for the election activities.


Our Politician makes just promises with public but they are failed in the good results.


Every day we watch many corruption scandals in the jobs and in the different schemes for the public.


But our MNA and MPA use their powers and they do corruption in all the funs which are provided by the Govt for the better facilities of the public.


After this we blame on our leaders but in fact we are responsible for this because we can't judge that what is wrong or right.



So we can change out system by themselves because any country does not perfect, we make a country perfect in the end.


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