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youth is like dimond ..... as much some one invest on youth it will produce great results .youth has great in nation building . youth is the asset of nation . it plays great role in development and happiness and prosperity . it is the main building block of any nation . We can take example of youth of japan when in 1941 USA hit atom bomb and destroyed 2 cities of japan that was a huge loss . japan was totally destroyed economically and industrially . then their government started hardwork on their youth . they worked on their higher education . they got modren scientific education and started developing and now you can see that japan is one the best developed country in the world .

Pakistani youth : 

pakistan has 90000 youth . this is the real power of pakistan . as pakistan is the developing country it needs alot of modren technology to progress to compete the world .

Yoth tallent of pakistan :

pakistan has  much more tallent in its youth than any other country in the world . lets see some glimpses of achivements of pakistani youth 

World Youngest Certified Microsoft Professional

 A Seven Year Old “PAKISTANI” Hazeer Awan world Youngest IT Expert

arfa kareem the other youngest microsoft professional 

 15-year-old Pakistani student Moosa Feroz  won a gold medal in an Online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia

47 As in O, A levels: Pakistani student beats world record

haroon tariq 

ali moen nawazish also got great achivement in O/A levels education system and entered in GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD 

Pakistani youth make largest human national flag


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