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1. Cause effect analysis

Memberikan penjelasan tentang sebab/akibat untuk menunjukkan alasan/akibat dari sesuatu.

 Draft :

 Introductory : memberikan gambaran umum yang akan dianalisa pada body paragraph.

 Body : memberikan penjelasan tentang sebab/akibat dengan lebih jelas di setiap paragraph yang ada di introductory.

Concluding : memberikan penekanan terhadap topiknya.

Contoh essaynya seperti ini.

Married or not

Married is not strength anymore for having enough age. We sometimes think why we have to get married. Most of people said that married is a part of life, but many reasons why we have to get married, such as; getting regeneration, getting happiness and fulfilling our prophet’s action.

I ever asked my friend having get married soon, any of my friends' reason is getting regeneration to be on their life generation. with generation, they can be going on their dreams. So, getting regeneration by getting married is needed.


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