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Do you have a routine when taking a bath? I'm sure a lot of women have including me.

I have my own bathroom, and when you see it, you'll probably notice how plenty my stuffs are in there. Yeah right. I know with men, you only have the essentials, like the shampoo and the soap. Include the facial foam if you have one.

For girls, it's a different thing. We use different hygiene products for different areas. Lol. Like for example, we have a body soap, a shower gel, a facial soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment cream and feminine wash. Some even use bath salt for exfoliating.

I'm sure men would go crazy if you'll force them to use all of these. Being a women really is expensive and high maintenance. Lol. This is just three of my over 10 products. Hahaha. I actually have a new set of hair treatments and shampoo. 

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