Parts Of Speech

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A group of words in a language that may occur in similar positions or fulfill similar functions in a sentence. There are eight parts of speech in grammer which are Noun, pronoun, verb, abverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, interjection.

1-    NOUN :

        Noun is the name of person place or thing. for example

       ALI plays cricket.

      This is my CAT.

       I live in PAKISTAN.

Here ali, cat and Pakistan are noun.

There are different types of noun common noun, proper noun, abstract noun, collective noun,


         These are generic names, person, places or things. E.g

t.v, bike , country, chair, table etc.


                     It represents specific name person place or thing. It always start with capital letter. E.g

             Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan, Lahore etc.


        That cannot perceive through five senses. E.g

  Happiness, bravely, strongly etc.


       It refers to group of persons place or things. E.g

  Class (group of students)

2-    PRONOUN:

         Pronoun is a word that uses instead of noun. (or) a word which replace the noun.

        SHE is intelligent.

        am boy.

       WE are playing cricket.

 Here she, i and we are pronoun.

3-    VERB:

      Verb is a word that tells us what does noun or pronoun do. (or) verb is a word which shows some action.

      I like cricket.  

      DO you like cricket.

     Bitlander is a website.

Here like, do, is are examples of verb.

4-    ADVERB:

         Adverb is a word that describes verb, adjective or another verb.

There are different types of adverb.

  1. Adverb of manner:

It refers how an action is done.

Sara played gracefully.

  1. Adverb of time:

It states when something happens.

He came yesterday.

  1. Adverb of place:

It tells where something happens or done.

She looked everywhere.

  1. Adverb of degree:

The degree to which a specific thing happens.

Sana is very talented.


         Adjective is a word that describes noun or pronoun.

       I have three cats.

       She like big bags.

       This is very interesting story.

        Here three, big and interesting are adjective.


            Preposition is a word that links noun to another word.

         We went to college on Tuesday.

         I went to school.

Here to, on are preposition.


          It joins sentences, clause or words together.

    I like rice and chicken.

    I like rice but I don’t like chicken.

    Rice is very tasty and delicious.

Here and, but are conjunction.


       It express emotions some feelings they are usually followed by exclamation point.

      HURRAY, we won the match.

       HI how are you?

       WELL, it’s ok.

Here hurray, hi and well are interjection.





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