PASSENGERS Film Review: Space Tale About Adam and Eve Full Of Advanced Technology

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PASSENGERS Film Review: Space Tale About Adam and Eve Full Of Advanced Technology - Photo credit: imdb, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Sometimes, we freely fantasize dreaming about how we want to escape from the bustle of the surrounding world. Information noise weighs on us, unresolved problems are growing, and everything around us is annoying just with its presence. We reach the limit and begin to think about loneliness, total privacy, and the interruption of any contact with all who knew us.

At the head emerge uninhabited island, hermitage, and so on. But what happens when a paradise of oneness with yourself becomes a prison?

The production design here is spectacular and utopian - a delirious idea of a future that's perfectable, a world without blemish.


The PASSENGERS movie is created according to a script called the best-uncreated movie in Hollywood. The script, written by Jon Spaihts, went hand in hand for about a decade, was praised by anyone who could, and eventually became one of the biggest science fiction films in recent years, along with an impressive budget. 

Let's delve in the world of the future full of technological advancements. Looking at all those fantastic things, it's great to think about how can change our world. Maybe we must be ready for all those fantastic things shown in the film? 


PASSENGERS, Official Trailer - Video credit: youtube

The Plot

The film directed by Morten Tyldum film tells about a 120-year journey in the impressive spacecraft Avalon, traveling from Earth to a far-flung colony where more than 5,000 cruise passengers intend to start a new life.

According to the rules, they should spend 120 years sleeping in their capsules, but 90 years before the destination two passengers - Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) - wake up and must figure out if they can survive the rest of the trip.

Aurora is a space writer from New York, Jim is an engineer from Denver, eager to start a new life far from his home. Realizing that if there is no way to freeze again, they will not reach the new planet, Aurora and Jim decide not to give up and start looking for a way out.

Spacecraft - a real technical miracle capable of providing the highest quality of living for the crew - it eases the routine of the two ones, but it soon turns out that their awakening was just the beginning. Jim is soon realizing that the ship is facing a greater disaster. Gradually falling in love, Aurora and Jim must also find a way out and prevent a disaster that threatens the death of all the passengers on the ship.

bitLanders AI-Themed Blogging: Science fiction film PASSENGERS - Photo credit: wallpapermaiden

 Main Characters And Actors

A group of specially selected people decides to go to a new place of residence for humanity. This means that people left their past life on Earth only in memory and discovered new horizons for themselves. Among such dreamers was the engineer Jim Preston, but his capsule suddenly opened.

Once alone in the long corridors of the ship, Jim realized that he could not fall sleep on his own, which means he would have to spend the rest of his life alone. The option is not to go crazy in the company of the droid-bartender, only one: to find an awake companion. He spends the year on the ship in complete solitude and awakens the girl Aurora from despair. This is the way Aurora Lane enters the story, with which Jim will have to build relationships.

They lived in different worlds, but now they will have to adapt. Gradually recognizing more and more his only interlocutor, Aurora falls in love with him. In love, time flies by unnoticed, but not in outer space. And not when you both know that you will die before you reach your destination.

A film about the future world: PASSENGERS - Photo credit: imdb

Pratt's hero found himself in an incredibly difficult choice: live alone or take responsibility for someone’s life and break his solitude. The story of how he makes a choice is the most vivid story for me personally in this film. Jim is a mechanic, let's say, a representative of the working class. An adult and mature guy who wanted to start a new life. He to the last behaves like a man.

In Aurora, the viewer sees the features of a maximalist: a person who does not slow down halfway and always longs for better, more. From her breathes intelligence, creativity, talent. Her plans are a long and healthy life.

After meeting between them, the feelings light up. Some fact it still darkens, but the final chord in this play is played by Aurora. In my opinion, her role is more saturated in this tape, because the ending depended on her choice.

Both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence coped well with their role. Between them there was chemistry, sparks jumped around. The writers did not reveal the past and in general the life fate of the protagonist. In my opinion, having made several flashbacks, one could plunge the viewer into the past.

A film about the future world: PASSENGERS  - Photo credit: wallpapersrc 

Artificial Intelligence

In the film, there is a great actor's work of Michael Sheen in the role of android Arthur. His character successfully acts as a buffer between two actors, only increasing the effectiveness of the appearance of two lovers in the frame.

The robot bartender aroused my greatest sympathy, he looked very good, and this was the only character I was worried about.

There is nothing superfluous in the film, only two - he and she, plus a colorful android bartender flashing in the background.

Michael Sheen - no comment; he is good here. The hero has a very unusual role, as the main character says about Arthur "uncompleted in one area". The actor is very charismatic in himself; he beautified this film and would any other film also.

Android from PASSENGERS - Photo credit: cia-film.blogspot

Michael Sheen suddenly very truthfully played the robot bartender. The bartender robot directly refers to the cult Shine by Stanley Kubrick. Such a remarkable reverence.

Let his role was small but very important for the plot. The majority of viewers have found a response to the simple irony of this complex film that even a robot, who is not able to give advice on choosing a good for himself, knows the great secret of the meaning of human life.

You need to stop worrying about what you cannot control, you just need to live. If you constantly think about where you are not, you will miss everything here and now.

Credit: words from the movie.

And isn't that simplicity that always turns out to be brilliant?

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Advanced Technology

Advanced technology in the film is enough, the world of the future, but does the convenience give the security? Controversial issue.

The ship, all along the way, copes with the help of a computer, the crew and passengers sleep sweetly in hibernation capsules.

The greatest merit in the film belongs to the artists on the costumes and decorations. So with what accuracy and ease recreated ship interiors, interfaces, clothing and other necessities for the formation of the image of the future deserve admiration.

This is not a static world - everything reflects a great and deep development. The true space cruise liner. The question is not in luxury, but how harmoniously all the elements are interconnected. Even now, when a lot of films are shot in Sci-fi - only units can boast of such a worked-out view. 

A film with android: PASSENGERS - Photo credit: twitter

 I really liked how future life was shown, filled with new technologies. All these gadgets were, as well as outwardly well shown, and their functionality was charged with positive emotions.

The ship and all its parts are painted wisely; the authors tried to avoid inconsistencies. Parts of the ship rotate to create an earthly attraction on it. Such frames are absolutely breathtaking. We see a smart home, smart robots, an ultra-modern finish of the ship, its premises, and so on. Actually, we plunge into the future.

PASSENGERS, Live a Little Scene - Video credit: youtube

Overall Impression

The film had a really promising story, which was actually not as sharp as one could wish for. Many sharp topics were not fully disclosed, and then all psychology was completely dissolved in special effects when the director decided to introduce action and special effects into the plot. But despite that the film has lost the lion’s share of its original tragedy, it still causes interest.

PASSENGERS could turn into a really cool and tense spectacle, but in the end, we got only the average fantastic thriller where there are only action and cute actors that we know and love just like that. The option is not the worst, but it's a shame that Morten Tyldum failed to create something special. 

A film with android: PASSENGERS - Photo credit: imdb

The drama and thriller are present here, but gradually fade into the background and give way to a love relationship. The fantastic component here is shown too weakly. Many laws of physics are ignored; there are logical inconsistencies.

In general, the events of the picture is interesting to watch. It is necessary, however, sometimes to turn a blind eye to logic, but the narrative does not stand still and constantly throws up new events and incidents.

From the point of view of science fiction, the film has many simplifications. It looks that filmmakers thoughts it is enough that there are beautiful special effects and famous actors. But at the same time, the filmmakers managed to create a truly beautiful and not overloaded film

Artificial intelligence in a film PASSENGERS - Photo credit: mysweetcinema.blogspot

The Idea And Moral 

Generally speaking, the scripts of this film is a poor one that adheres to one single idea: how much can a person be selfish and condemn another person's happiness to satisfy his own personal happiness; and another axis - where the rage for the wrong man's behavior ends and love is born.

The film once again raises the topic of loneliness. A man as a result of a technical malfunction comes out of hibernation on a colonial starship. Now he is forced to live the rest of his life in complete solitude. But there is no place for any existential fabrications. No philosophical depth during the film can be traced.

Man is a social animal - everyone gets acquainted with this phrase in school during social studies lessons. Even at school, many schoolchildren laugh at this phrase, confidently stating that if they were completely isolated, they would have been able to cope with loneliness with ease. But over time, people understand that no matter what blessings may be offered to us, no matter how we are attracted to silence and peace, to stay alone for a long time is destructive for us and our psyche.

bitLanders AI-Themed Blogging: Science fiction film PASSENGERS - Photo credit: imdb

The moral of this story is as follows.

1. A drowning man pulls everyone with him.

2. Problems create interest. No problem - no interest in life.

3. The power of love lies in sharing the common burden.

4. Sometimes fate determines our role against desire.

Thinking about where we would like to be, we are missing out on what we already have - here and now.


 On A Final Note 

Summarizing, it is a good, interesting film. I can not say that he raises any deep topics, but he does not need it. If you want to spend time with your soulmate - PASSENGERS are perfect for this.

PASSENGERS - a dramatic thriller, complemented by a fantastic plot, top actors, and an impressive budget.

PASSENGERS is a film for romantics and for those who love and appreciate cinema, which raises questions about major life problems, such as loneliness, finding yourself and your place in this world, and, of course, about love as a unique way to come to terms with reality and at the same time, run away from it. 

Science fiction film PASSENGERS - Photo credit: imdb

Perhaps I was waiting for more, so to speak, a more detailed plot, but as the film showed us, Not all is how we want, but we have a chance to use the circumstances for ourselves. I really like the idea of the movie -  to live here and now, and not to try to wait for a miracle from above.

Fly across the city, rise upon the land,
You can do most anything,
Now you are twenty first century man.
You should be so happy, you should be so glad.
So why are you so lonely, you twenty first century man?

Credit: genius


My rating: 6.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 30/100
Metacritic: 41/100
Critics average: 63/100
IMDb: 7.0/10

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