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                                                                                                                         انسان کی پہچان فقط اس کا وطن ہے

                                                                                                                    انسان ہے وہی جس کا کوئ اپنا وطن ہے

The place where a man born, spend his childhood, where he grow up, where he spends his lovely time with his relatives, and loves his surroundings, the nature, the gardens, the rivers, greenery and so on. This dearest place is called his “HOMELAND” or country, place, motherland anything you can say.

                                                                                                                   جنت سے کہیں بڑھ کر حسیں میرا وطن ہے

                                                                                                               ہم سر ہے فلک کی جو زمیں میرا وطن ہے

Each and every person loves his country. He loves his environment, his streets and the place where he keeps his footsteps. The memories of these places throughout become the part of his life. The nature has created the matter of love in human’s heart. Without love and enthusiasm for your country, the completion of humanity is not possible. The intense Love for your country is called PATRIOTISM. Enthusiasm for the love of your Holy Country is indeed a bold and respectful act.

                                                                                                                             محبت ٹوٹ کر کرتا ہوں اس سے

                                                                                                                   زمیں بھی ماں کی صورت مہرباں ہے


It is our duty to work hard for the development of our country’s trade, agriculture, economy, religion, education and so on. The benefit of our country lies in our benefit. If its production increases, it will increase the investments too. Patriotism gives us the strength to do such things that is beneficial for our country. If we are strong enough to protect our motherland then none of our enemy will try to harm our country. We can spend a glorious life in this way.


                                                                                                                          کروں اس پر قربان میں ہر خوشی

                                                                                                                       کہ میرا وطن ہے میری زندگی


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