Patterns in photography

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Patterns are in both natural and manmade objects. Patterns bring a sense of visual rhythm and harmony to photographs that capture the imagination.

Patterns appear when strong graphic elements such as, lines, colours and shapes repeat themselves. Patterns are everywhere such as a field of flowers, crowds, zigs and zags of architecture, and many more. The best way to finding patters is to explore subjects from several angles. This allows you to find patterns in many different forms.

E.G. From the street a load of umbrellas look like nothing, but from a high angle such as a balcony the umbrellas become a colorful pattern. Finding patterns is about getting creative with where you take the picture from.


This is a real nice example of a pattern. At first glance it looks like a floor with holes in it, It isn't until you look closely and realize that in fact it is a building. It is just how the photography has angled the shot with a high angle looking up. the pattern is also clear with it going in diagonal lines and straight lines. There is also horizontal lines which create brick wall effect (2 holes then 1)


Again the pattern is the arrows that continue around the bent, Your eye sees the first one and then is taken around the bend looking at all of the arrows, The depth of field is also really nice, it isn't too out of focus so you are able to see the signs right to the end of the photo. 


I like this pattern as it has nice colours. within the bottle with the blue and green. This has gave me an idea about having see through cups and coloring the water to create patterns, i will then take photos at low, high and mid, and also at tilted angles to create a colorful pattern effect.


This patten is unusual but very creative, It shows that patterns are everywhere if you look. The use of sun light shining through the crack which create a patten is a different approach, It also allows the light to be a nice exposure as the fence is blocking most of the sunlight. 


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