Pay 360 – Virtual Currency and Bitcoin

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The Pay 360 conference, held in Central London by GX, attracted 300+ people from across Europe. It gathered industry leaders and subject matter specialists exploring such topics as: AML, Payment Services Directive, The banking crisis, Gift card regulation, Virtual Currency and Bitcoin. This event was a bigger forum to the usual Bitcoin Meetup updates,
I was there to document the two bitcoin sessions. The first was a keynote speech Virtual Currency and Bitcoin, by Nikolay Gertchev, an economic analyst for the European Commission. The second was a panel discussion debating the impact (Virtual Currency and Bitcoin). The panel got a bit emotional at times and, a 45 minute session, turned into a 55 minute session, but felt like hardly enough time. I personally wish to see more such sessions taking place, bringing Academics, Economists, Regulators and Bitcoin professionals together, for public debates.

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