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There are tons of websites offering you earnings for clicking, reading e-mails ....... These are waste of time and effort.

But your click on AD (same as mine) is worth 0$. Because we click on ads NOT TO BUY something but to earn. We have no intention to purchase something, so we have zero value for advertisers.

What have value for advertisers are thousands of people clicking on ads that attracts them (service or goods offered).

All the PTC sites are PONZI SCHEMES. They offer you money for worthless clicks and tells you will earn more if you upgrade!!!. And when people try to widthraw more money that is poured into PONZI by upgrades, this PONZI close the shop and you're out of money.

OK, we don't have that amount of visitors. So what we can do?

There are many legit websites that offer you money if you upload and share images, files, refer friends ..... but this is really miserable income. The rates are low. Because from 100 people you attract to click on your image or download file, only 2 or 3 will click on advertisment.

But there's a solution.

There are somewhat shady companies that offers PAY PER INSTALL programs. Their install package is ADWARE - software that change their browser homepage to some advertising, put some pop-up ads, or just manipulate browser to show their ads on website instead of ads that website owner put there.

This way, if someone installs their package, this "victim" will earn them some money over long period (unless he remove this adware - most people can't do it, reinstall Windows or buy new computer).

So companies that offer Pay per install program usually earn for 1 year (day after day) from that one person which install their package.


This means one thing - RATES ARE AWESOME. Best Pay per install networks PAY up to 2$ per SINGLE INSTALL from United states. And 1.5$ per single install from United Kingdom. And around 1$ from any rich country. And from installs from poor countries, you will get like 0,1$.

So what to do?
Register at PPI program, download the installer package. Rename it as setup.exe.
Make a folder called for example Minecraft, put some DLL files in it so it looks trustworthy. And archive it with WinRAR or WinZIP.

You have now "your own package" which is RAR or ZIP, not and EXE. Upload it on some filehosting service like Filedropper or Tinyupload.

And go to MInecraft related FORUMS, register and make a thread that you have new Minecraft with mods and cheater and put Filedropper "MInecraft" link
Yes, you will get banned soon on this forum. But till you'll get banned, few people will download your file and install. And you already have 5 or 10$.
You can make Youtube account, download 100 Minecraft videos, reupload them as your own and put Filedropper download link in description.
Yes, you will get banned on Youtube (so do this from some Coffeshop WiFi, not from home). But it's still worth it. You can generate 100 or more downloads which results in 50-100$.
You can spam with your links in comments on any blog. You can make Yahoo account and check (if someone is looking for best Video editing software, just rename your RAR or ZIP to IndeoVideoEditor.RAR or something like that).

This one below is my best earning Pay per install program. They pay with Paypal, Payoneer or by Wire to your bank account:

If you have trouble with Paypal or Payoneer, you can use this other PPI program. They have slightly lower rates but offer BITCOIN payments.


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