Paying social media sites - my own list

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Paying social media sites - my own list


Hi there my dear bitsers! Here I am again to share with you some of the paying social media sites that I am using. Actually, I already published a blog about this but I am not yet contented with my writings and I already made that long and yet still incomplete. So here, I will name those sites on this blog and give you some insights and information on how to work on each paying site.

Legitimate sites

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Just like what the video stated, there are so many ways to find out whether a certain site is legit or not. Well, as an online worker, before I join a certain site, I always do my own research about it first and ask some of it's members before putting an effort to that and I know that you also do the same.

Before I will start this up, I want to prove first that these sites are legitimate so here is the screenshot of my transaction on my PayPal account ( see the image above) I already withdrew many times from these sites so I can assure you that these are legitimate as of now that I am writing this up, I just don't know if until when these sites will be legitimate so don't miss the opportunity guys. Not all sites are like bitlanders that can manage to stay intact in paying,  in fact, one of these sites already stopped paying but I will still include it because I am not sure if it's no longer paying all the members or just me because according to its customers support, they are taking an action about my payments issue.

My own list of paying social media sites.

Some of these have referral link, so if ever you want to join , kindly use my link ( wink ^_* , thanks in advance) here are the list of the sites that I am using.

1. Bitlanders 

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Bitlanders is the best site that I've joined so far. This site never fails to process payment requests and the platform itself is great. Among the social media sites that I am using right now, bitlanders is the easiest site to work with and it's feature about quality contents is what makes me addicted to this site. It is more on our quality contents and when something is wrong, the administrators and the support team always make a prompt action about that particular problem. Another thing that I like about the support team on this site is that they are really against to the spammers. Yes! Some spammers are still existing here but once you report that certain user, the account of that spammer will be blocked. If you don't want spammers too, you can help this site to block them, just follow the procedure on my blog entitled GET RID OF THE SPAMMERS THAT MAKE BITLANDERS.COM SUCKS!.

Bitlanders is the site for quality contents and active users. When you are into writing a blog, making a video or film and good in photography, this is the best site for you! Not just because you can earn from your contents but because you can enhance your skills here because we have here the so called content review where ma'am Hillary is giving advice on how you can improve your content.

Overall, bitlanders is the best site for me, I am not saying this because I am writing this up here but because I found my place here. I enjoy my time spending here and do enhance my skills that makes me realize that my hard work and time spending here are worth it. Until now, as I'm writing this blog, I can assure you that your hard works here will be paid and your time will not be wasted. Believe me, I might stop using other sites but not bitlanders, that's how i love this social paying site.

2. Rabadaba

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Rabadaba is a social media site that pays in rabs that can be converted in dollars. On this site, all you need to do are always update stuffs and make sure to be very very very active. I used to love this site until the new rule was applied. They change the amount of the minimum payout in rabs. See the conversion below.Picture

At first, it is easy to use the site, even just in 15 days I can manage to reach the minimum but as what you can see to the conversion of rabs on the image above, well, I guess, it will takes forever to reach that for me because I do not have enough time for voting each content on that site. If you can be super active and good especially in photography, maybe you will love rabadaba. By the way, the users on rabadaba which is called as dabbers are good, so you will not get trouble in terms of voting your content. If ever you want to join rabadaba, best of luck for every payday! :) Payday is every 15th of the month. You can only receive payment once in a month so you need to strive a little harder to reach the minimum because if you don't, then wait for the another 15th day fof the next month :D

Video courtesy of Edward Blount

Rabadaba is the only site that offers contests or promos. When you participate and luckily win that certain contest, you will earn rabs easily. One of the contents that the admin hosted on that site was video making that promotes rabadaba on YouTube, one of the entries from a certain user is the video above, check it out to know more about rabadaba. Another amazing feature on rabadaba is the tipping option. If you post good stuffs, you can receive some tips from other users or even from the administrators, they give tips especially when your content worth a tip. What I mean about tipping on rabadaba is the act of sending rabs. When you want to help other users, you can help them by sending some rabs through tipping. If ever you find it hard to reach the minimum, you can ask others to help you out. Majority of the dabbers are generous, they give tips especially when they know that you need it.

For my own review, This rabadaba is a great site too if you have more time to spend in voting some contents and if you have a good hand in photography or even in just editing. What are you waiting for? give it a try :)

3. Spare5

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This site is good too but different to most of paying social media sites because it is focusing on different tasks such as create tags for images, Identify famous TV furniture, object identification and many more. The minimum payout on this site is 1 dollar and when you reach that minimum amount they will send automatically the payment to your paypal account every friday. If you have more spare time, then use it on this site . By the way, this site offers referral system that is an opportunity to earn from those who will use your referral link so if you are going to give a try on using this site, kindly use my referral link^_^ thank you.


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This spare5 is not suited for me because of these two personal reasons; first, because it is only working on specific devices. I can't use this using my phone, I am using my desktop for this site and since semestral break is finally over, I need to stop from using this. I can use my desktop at the school no? Haha. The second reason is that the tasks are quite difficult. I don't have a problem about describing what's in the certain photo which is one of the common tasks in spare5 but most of its tasks require more time and much attention especially that creating polygon tasks where I have to zoom the photo to the highest level! Gosh! When I did this task, I almost want to cry because my eyes are hurting. If you want about doing tasks then this is for you. Come and join! :)


4. Baagloo 

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This is another paying site BEFORE. I withdrew two times on the same week because of my active followers who are always liking my posts. Unfortunately, the last two payments that I withdrew almost one month ago didnt come. According to its support team, they are taking an action about that but it's been two weeks since the did the conversion and until now, nothing's happen. I am still visiting the site since I can use it through phone because they have the application version of it and I am wondering why some of my friends are still active and still adding stuffs on there, maybe they will pay soon thats why they are still striving there. If you have lots of photos to share and if ever the system will be fixed, that site will work good for you because baagoo is the site for uploading photos. There is no chatting room so spammers who used to ask likes doesn't have space for that site :)

By the way, baacoin is the medium of earnings on baagloo, when you withdraw that, it can be converted in British pounds, 100 baacoin is equivalent to 1 British pound. The minimum payout is 100 baacoin. If the transaction is accepted, you will see notification like the image below.

It's been a month since I talked to some members on that site and they said that baacoin is no longer adding so I guess there are really technical problem on baagloo but the administrators are still trying to figure it out. I hope baagloo will work again soon because I like the way I earn fast from my posts. For those who will join this site and if ever you find the system is fixed, please inform me. :)

That's it! as of now, these are the only sites that I spend my time with and earn using my spare time. Hope you guys will like it!

Note: The content of this blog is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera 

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