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What is Peace?

Showing prosperity in all aspects of life and in the matters of social and economic welfare, Trend of equality and political activites whose benefits can be enjoyed by every one.

Religious Belifs Regarding Peace 

All religions have different concepts about peace. In christans, they usually call Jesus '' the Prince of Peace''.They belive that he was sent on earth to establish God's kindom of Peace.


If we take a look on buddhists concept of peace, then we will came to know that all feelings of sufferings take them towards peace. They regard suffering as stemming from cravings.


Islam's basic meaning is ''Submission''. It may be noted that the Arabic word ''Salaam'' has the same origin as the word ''Islam''. According to Islam , an individual person can attain peace by utterly submiiting to Allah. The Greeting of muslim is ''Asslam-o- Alaikum'' and the meaning of this greeting is 

                                PEACE BE UPON YOU

Concept of Islamic Peace

God has sent a series of prophets  throughout the ages . Through  these prophets and messengers ''God'' has given a message to spread love and friendship. A muslim can only live a good life when he submits to Allah and belive from the depth of his heart that Allah is the only creator. In an individual will get the nature on which every person is created then he will be able to live in this society with peace, love and affection.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)  said:

                   ''Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you''

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