People should respect other's work on facebook!

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Its not the first time that a photographer's work is copied on Facebook and other websites without their permission. Why copy? Why not share the work? Why not ask them to first before copying? What would it take to ask a photographer to use his photo? Only a message! people should know what it means to a photographer when he is told that his photo is liked by them and they want to share it. It takes just a mentioning of a name to honor the photographer's work, telling the people who took the photo, and that is the encouragement for a photographer to keep going on and keep producing great stuff for the people to see! 

This is what we do, show the people our photo it is for them to see then why steal when you can ask and share or use the photo? We should teach all those a lesson who do that.

The above photo was copied from my page and they posted it to their page!

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