Perks of being alone.

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The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself."--Michel de Montaigne

Enjoying your own time and your own company.


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I may be alone, but I am not lonely.

People have wondered how I have dealt with everything, handling things all by myself. Yes, I am living alone, most of the time but my brother lives next door, so with regards to security, I am still doing fine. The only time that I have companions is during vacations.

So, I am not just single but at the same time, living solo, I have the whole house all my myself, got nothing to worry about as they say but I do. There are times that I wish I have someone, but there were times that I love the "state" I am in.

With that, I am going to share you why I say that there are are times that I am torn between living alone and not.

The ups with every situation and its down.


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1. Since I have the whole house, I can do whatever I want. I can watch any channel without arguing what to watch. The remote control is in my hands. That moment when the scene on the drama is getting heavier and it is heart breaking, I can cry a river without being conscious with what will the others react. No one will mind me laughing and crying hard. 

But sometimes, I felt like I need someone to cry and laugh with. I am not sure what if someone just showed up to our house, and I am in that moment, surely, they will find me crazy.

2. This is with regards to cooking and eating. I can eat whenever I want and I can cook whatever I want. The kitchen has been my love and "laboratory" at the same time. There were times that I wanted to cook something new and with just me, I have myself being the sole food critic. And in any case that the food didn't work and gone to worst, it will only be me the only "victim" of my own failure.

But, when a new recipe ends up great, I wanted to share it with my siblings who are also a foodie. That when I post something on line, one of them would asked me what did I do with the food, and how does it tastes. The proudest moment were just spent with me, myself and I.

3. Since I enjoy using every appliances in our house, paying bills is something I wanted to ask for help. I wanted to live solo but I don't want to have the bills being paid all by myself. It is hard. Okay, that is the price of being solo, so I have to always live on tight budget too. Like a win-win situation for me though, I am learning with saving and budgeting.

There is a certain strength in being alone."--Heather Duffy Stone

Times that I really need someone else's help.

We are in the place where we have can say, catch basin. We are prone to being flooded. The water can get inside as high as my knees. We got a lot of stuff downstairs, with me just being along, I have to do all the carrying all by myself. But with the experiences we have around our area, somehow I have learned to depend on myself when it comes to this situation.

The first thing that I have to is watch the weather update every now and then. If there will be a continuous rain, I have to start putting some of our stuff on higher places. We have this canal beside our house, it is a concrete one. When the rain have started to fill it up, it will be a long night for me. Sleeping is not an option, I have to be watchful, hot water and bread is a must, to keep me awake and energized. The only thing that I will be calling for help is when I have to put the refrigerator on top of the dining table. I can not carry the appliances, am not a superwoman.


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Things that I prefer to do solo.

I think it's good for a person to spend some time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone."--Amy Sedaris

I enjoyed being alone and it may surprise some, but I love those moment, when I silence is important and all I want to do is just sit, read or look around and observe. There are a couple of things that I always love to do, just being me and here they are.

1. Eating in a fast food restaurant. Most of the time I am being asked how did I managed to enjoy my own company eating in a fast food resto. It sounds so hard for them, but I prefer to eat alone. I don't have to wait for someone to finish his or her food. I can concentrate with my love for food. I don't really like engaging into conversations while eating, my family is an exception of course.

2. Shopping or doing grocery. I love to look around and shop all by myself with one reason, I don't want anyone to get annoyed if I am taking time in choosing clothes. I am not picky but I always check the price, too much of frugality or I am just being wiser with spending money.


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Thing that I wanted to do solo.

I wanted to travel all by myself. I wanted to be a backpacker. It has been one of my dreams. Having some friends traveling sounds fun, but one of the things I don't like are people who are with me, whining with long walk or with food. I have a lot of experience with those type of people, never did like any of them. I wanted to travel and I don't mind walking far and eating anything.

If you are never alone, you can not know yourself."--Paulo Coehlo



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Don't be scared to do something all by yourself. Try to enjoy you OWN COMPANY. There is much comfort on it.

Until next time!

Thank you so much for reading!



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