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Intro to Psychology


During my college days, my Psychology professor gave us tips on how to determine the personality of an individual. Whether true or not, I want to share those tips I still remember with you.

Let's start with the windows of our soul - the EYES. The color of our eyes tells much about us.

Brown colored eyes are the most common of all. Brown color eyed people are said to possess self-confidence, very friendly, caring, helpful, practical and are always optimistic. They are care free, outgoing and nature lovers.

Black eyed people are said to be responsible, faithful and trustworthy. They are workaholics and always want the job done whatever it takes. They choose their friends and remain loyal to the very end.

Green eyed people are known to be vibrant, passionate, attractive and intelligent. They find interest on things that are unusual. They love novelty. Beware, they are of the jealous type. No wonder we call jealousy the green eyed monster. LOL! No offense made please.

Grey colored eyes are usually found on natural born leaders. Dominance is what grey eyed people want. Yet, they can be as gentle as a lamb. They are ever faithful with their spouses or intimate partners and can be extremely passionate in many aspects (I know what you are thinking of. Hehehe!). They possess a great and inquisitive mind and always takes things rationally.

Lastly, the most desired eye color is Blue. It exuberates youthfulness, freshness, tranquility and kindness. Blue eyed people are very alluring and can attract the opposite sex almost instantly. They are energetic and happy go lucky by nature. They love fun-filled activities and are always the life of the party. Never a dull moment with blue eyed people.

Now, after the eyes, lets look at your FINGERS. There are three types of hands that exhibit finger lengths, specifically more on your index finger. Look at your left hand. This may take concentration and imagination.

a) The first type means your ring finger longer than your index finger.

b) The second type means your index finger is longer than your ring finger.

c) And the third type means your ring and index finger are of the same length.

If you have the first type you are captivating or to put it more bluntly, seductive. You may not know it but you are always subjected to flirtatious moves of the opposite sex. You have self confidence and is a born risk taker.

The second type means you possess excellent leadership qualities. You always take the upper hand in situations and wants to be incharge most of the time. People come to you for advice or consultation.

And the third type means you are endowed with the gift of gab. You are an exceptional and effective speaker. You always listen to people who reveal their personal problems and darkest secrets. They find comfort in what you say. You always extend a helping hand to those in need of compassion. Your warm and pleasant personality and outlook in life makes you sought after by friends. I belong to this type guys. Hehehe! It is a photo of my left hand.

Another revealing aspect of your personality is your SITTING POSTURES. If I remember right, there are six basic sitting postures.

1. Legs closely and firmly together.

2. Right leg crossed over the left.

3. Left crossed over the right.

4. Knees closely together with feet almost facing each other.

5. Legs a bit open. And

6. Ankles crossed.

The first posture shows you to be the quiet or demure type, cautious and has self control.

The second shows you to be an introvert by nature.

The third shows you to be of the forceful or assertive type. You are dynamic in nature.

The forth shows you to be the shy and nervous type. Somehow you lean towards introversion and lack self confidence. However, you are artistic by nature.

The fifth shows you to be open-minded and positive thinker. You don't take NO for an answer. However, this posture is not suitable for girls wearing skirts, mini at that. Ooolala!

And the sixth reveals your inner childish moods and character. Not necessarily an immatured personality. Just childish in ways.

Another way of revealing your personality is through your HANDWRITING

People who write script close to one another is said to be the frugal type. A Mr. Scrooge at times.

Handwriting that are far apart is the opposite. They are of the extravagant type. They tend to splurge as if there was no tomorrow.

Those who write with loops at the tail end of a letter tend to be of the artistic type.

If your handwriting slants to the right, you are responsive and enjoy results.

If it slants to the left, you tend to be secretive. You keep your emotions to yourself.

If you write with no slant, you are a logical and practical person.

If you write with much pressure, it means you are the serious type.

If lightly, you are of the sensitive type. You lack vigor.


I am sure there are other ways of determining one's personality. These are just a few of what I still remember from my college days. Just take it with a grain of salt. What is important is to KNOW YOURSELF and BE YOURSELF. That's how God made you to be. Make the most out of it!