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Pessimization site because of problems with incremental value

The pessimization of the site is lowering the position of the site in the search results.

Imagine the situation: you ordered online, paid for design, unique texts, easy to navigate. And the website is really a success! Nothing to complain about – everything works, everything by the rules. You conducted an internal and external optimization, ordered regional promotion, received the link... anyway, spent another decent amount and the site has taken certain positions in the SERP. But whatever you do, despite the efforts made, the top ten site does not go (or alternatively the website in the top ten for some time still pokrasovatsya, but after updating algorithms flew out of there and back does not want).

Diligently ask questions in support of Yandex about possible sanctions, get the answer, they say, keep working on the site, and there will be happiness. But time passes, and the positions don't get better.

If the site is correct, no re-optimization (excess keywords), it is not littered with third-party advertising and in General meets all the requirements of Yandex and Google, then most likely, it's the lack of added value.

What is added value?

Added value is the semantic uniqueness of the site. It is not clear? Look at the example:

We have two websites: website A and website B. let's Say they are both information portals one city and earn on advertising. Both sites are unique in the technical sense – each unique design, unique texts, which the website owners themselves write. But if the site is unique in the sense? After all, both sites cater to the same audience – city residents, both covering the same event.

What kind of semantic uniqueness you can say? They sound alike, like twins... only in different clothes. But if such sites do not 2 (A and B) and 22 (A, B, C, D and so on)? Often exactly what happens. And when talking about websites, not tied to a specific region, such semantic twins can count more than one hundred.

That's why search engines prefer websites with unique semantic content. And rightly so. What use can the site, information which somehow already have a hundred others?

As a rule, because of the problems with value added most often suffer information portals: posters, news, review sites, online games, forums, and blogs. Similar problems were found among the online shops, the goods sold are the same. Especially, if the website content and design does not radically stand out among hundreds of others.

How to be?

Work with TSS site, increase "added value". How to do it?

Option #1. The narrow target segment

Segment your audience, choose the specific type of customers, study them and develop a website exclusively for them.

For example, the same information portal And have segmented all potential clients on the basis of "field of activity": students, office workers, medical workers, etc Chose a segment of "students", and gradually updated the site content, making it interesting for the student community. All the texts, pics, news were specialized for a certain target audience. And the result is a website in the first lines!

Yes, the audience of the site And significantly decreased (because before they focused on the entire city), but now the target audience is "attached" to the site, students are really interesting, they show loyalty to the site and return to it again and again. And this is already a behavioral factor that has a positive effect on the site position in the search.

Option # 2. To seek help from the online marketers

Sites with good, carefully thought-out USP (unique selling proposition) will never fall under a pessimization. Just make sure your offer is truly unique. If it is difficult to determine, contact the marketing experts, they will help.

Our informational portal of city B decided to play on the greed of the citizens. And as OTA said that now he will announce all promotions and sales that take place in the city. No sooner said than done. In addition to the General review of developments in the city, on the main page of the site necessarily placed daily review the most important outlet of the city. The portal appeared regular users, and the shops of the city, conducting the sale, were willing to pay the site to get on the most prominent place. As a result – TOP-10.

So competent OTA can create added value and incremental profits. To work with USP website we teach in our courses copywriting for the web masters.

Option # 3. Creative

If the competition is high even in the narrow segment, and the product is so typical that find a worthwhile and a truly unique USP is practically impossible, then stand out a form of information. Write (or book) unusual lyrics that will attract attention. Can try to shock the audience, but be careful not to get the opposite effect.


Answer this simple question: "Why should the search engines show your website on the first page, and people will want him to go?". If you have difficulty with the answer, then think about the added value. Whether it is on your website?

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