Photography can help when you're feeling sad.

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Photography is a wonderful outlet in life to be creative.  I have found that this creative outlet helps to bring joy and happiness when I am feeling blue.  Have you ever had the blues?


If so, consider photography as a way to help you get creative and feel better about life.  The act of creating art brings a sense of joy and satisfaction that can really help you through your life.  


This article is wonderful in explaining how great photography can be.  The author, William Patino, says this,

I would be lying if I said my depression left overnight but over the next few months, the more I began taking photos, the more I began to see love and beauty in the world. Depression had stripped my life of its color but looking through a lens was slowly painting it all back. Places and objects that I once would have walked right passed were now standing out to me. They were appealing and revealed something to be admired.


My thoughts exactly.


Here are so ideas as to why it can help:

  • Motivation to get outside and connect.
  • You begin to search for beauty and find it!
  • Photography can communicate non-verbally the things you want to say.
  • You are in complete control, something you may not have in life.
  • Your photo's can be excellent self-expression
  • Photography can be a social and bonding experience
  • Photography can help you delve into the subconscious
  • Photography is the act of creating, and creating brings joy!


Check out this cool Tedx Talk, "How Photography Saved My Life." And I think you'll see, photography matters!



If you are looking into learning photography, check out Photography Hero.  This website has a ton of resources to help you as you begin your journey of learning photography.  There are tutorials on the basics of photography, on creativity and on lighting.


If you struggle with depression or general sadness, do something about it!  Don't just suffer.  See your doctor to find out if there are ideas that they have to help.  And do things on your own!  One of the best things you can do is to eat right, get good rest, and get out into the world.  And photography can be the way to help you get outside.

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