Pineapple banana smoothie

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Pineapple banana smoothie

Today I am going to share a very delicious recipe with you that is pineapple banana smoothie. A summer season is on its peak everyone wants a cold drink this is very easy to make and all ingredients are easily available. Try it at hoe I am sure you will really going to like it. Make this and freeze it for children they will enjoy this smoothie. 



  • Pineapple                                                           1 cup
  • Ripe banana                                                       1 cup
  • Milk                                                                      1 cup
  • Yogurt                                                                  3-4 table spoons
  •   Sugar                                                                   1 table spoon
  •   Ice cubes                                                             5-6



  • In a blender add ripe banana, milk, pine apple, sugar and yogurt and blend it.
  • You can also use pineapple syrup or cane pineapple.
  • Now add ice cubes and blend again.
  • Yummy smoothie is ready serve cold.

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