PlayStation is the most used console to watch p*rn for gamers

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The Youporn adult site published a report which shows in detail the content consumption on its website gamer sector. This itself, answers the question of who looks pornographic content: Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo.

According to the study, most of the traffic gamer corresponds to PlayStation, with 51 percent. 39 percent comes from Xbox and 10 percent are users of Nintendo. Similarly, the site revealed that 91 percent of people who enter see this type of content are men, while 8.5 percent are women.

According to users' preferences and Play Xbox, seeking contents of mothers, young and gay, while users who enter through Wii seeking hentai, lesbian and Japanese. Among the most popular celebrities in the three platforms are Kim Kardashian, Mia Khalifa and Alexis Texas.

In the graphic you can see the number of visits that users make to the site, what content they like to see, the result of men, women, age, gender, length of stay and countries, among others.

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