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No confidence vote in Italian Parliament is scheduled, and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is at risk. The impetus, presumably, is mostly Berlusconi’s personal conduct which some argue goes to a pattern beyond discreet rendezvous, which presumably many Italian voters are prepared to tolerate at least of this politician. Some may even embrace it as indicative of virility and independence from this 70’s something media mogul rather than personal behavior more readily reflecting a hormone driven teenager. All of us, and one should emphasize men and women, can be subject to reliving lost love or lust driven libido. It has been suggested though that while exercising the virility of his small head, Silvio is losing his political head.

The Curious Mutual Admiration Society: Putin & Berlusconi

How much of this though is really about Berlusconi’s relationship with another man rather than barely of age young women? WikiLeaks has apparently revealed a bond, of a political character, between Russian Leader Vladimir Putin and the Italian Prime Minister. Such relationship may reflect some personal affinities between the two, (Mr. Putin lacks no confidence in promoting his personal brand, from stage or political dais), but also what some tend to perceive as too close of an alliance between two political icons relying upon barely nuanced nationalist messages, from presumably two different camps in the current Euro-Atlantic alignments.

Envy or Scrutiny?

Of course, that could be reading too much into the timing or motive of Italian Parliamentarians. WikiLeaks did not though just reflect upon his mutual admiration with Mr. Putin, but also on Mr. Berlusconi’s purported “party and sex life.” WikiLeaks also coincides with new revelations of Mr. Berlusconi’s relationship with an “18 year old,” Moroccan,” dancer.” I’m not certain which of the above designations is more troubling to Mr. Berlusconi’s current adversaries and some one time allies: the age, occupation or nationality of the young woman. Maybe it is more jealousy, as some close to Mr. Berlusconi and he have implied.

Mr. Berlusconi has suggested that kicking him out of office would be bad for Italy, especially its economic stability. It can be debated whether his rule has been good or bad for the average Italian worker, but it cannot be contested that Mr. Berlusconi has delivered longevity in office where some Italian Governments only a decade or two earlier were shorter than a one-night stand. More than size, that is of Mr. Berlusconi’s Parliamentary majority, its duration and innovation is viewed as an enviable asset.

Still too early to draw the conclusion as to whether Mr. Berlusconi will last, that is the week as Prime Minister. It is certain though that he is wounded and vulnerable. He can be described as the first tangible casualty of WikiLeaks, unless you consider Julian Assange himself. Perhaps it is only coincidental, but nonetheless ironic that they are for different reasons brought to their current situation OSTENSIBLY because of alleged sex actions. After all the revelations of corruption and arrogance, abuse of human rights and power, it is indeed telling that it is sex that may prove the downfall.

Sex & Politics: Mutual Admirers?

Mr. Berlusconi will continue to draw attention to himself and Italy regardless of his immediate political fate. His political impotence is likely to be short lived. As it may be directly linked to libido, many are already anticipating Mr. Berlusconi rising again suggesting that he will pay whatever price to again seduce Italian voters with ample wealth and media prowess. Most would argue he deserves a reputation above that of another Italian leader, Benito Mussolini, who wore out his welcome. He certainly cannot, objectively, claim the machismo of a Ferrari and is likely to fall short of the humanist and artistic reputation of Luciano Pavarotti. Perhaps though the most conflicted point in Mr. Berlusconi’s life will come sometime in the future, sooner or later, when roles are reversed, when no longer projected as debaucher of young women but a senior citizen victim of theirs. Other quick conclusions are tough, and, beyond some comic relief, such judgments should be more carefully considered. Are affairs of love and lust best left to personal choice and conscience, especially as men and women who are driven may also be sustained by an abundance of passion to do good or just to do?

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