PokèBits - Bitcoin RPG game

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PokèBits - Bitcoin RPG game

Pokèbits is a unique bitcoin browser RPG styled game. You begin with 5 energy to complete missions with and earn satoshi while doing so! You regerate +1 energy every 3 minutes, which you can use to complete missions. In order to unlock new missions you must complete 100% of the previous mission before the next mission will unlock. Mission rewars gradually get higher the more you progress.


Game Features

  • +1 energy regeneration every 3 minutes
  • 20 max energy cap
  • Earn satoshi from doing missions
  • Free mining (poke shop) level 1: generates 250 satoshi
  • Upgrade your poke shop up to liv 25 (6750 satoshi daily)
  • Collect pokemon from missions
  • Use prokemon in Battle Arena



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